healthy food for pregnant mums

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Now, if you think that i have been lazy in the kitchen due to the lack of food post of late, bite your tongue and think again! i have been up to my neck with work (read: peak period), trying to get organised, looking after the lil one, partial homeschooling and on weekends rushing hm from work to cook.  so yeah, i hv been hell busy.

However, that's no excuse for ill treating my tummy.  especially important when one is pregnant. so no matter how tired I am,  I make it a point to cook nutritious foods especially on weekends (mind you, I do work on Saturdays too)

here's what's cooking in Wong's kitchen:
beetroot carrot soup ; spinach (great source of iron ( with baby silver fish and ginger chicken cubes. 

Beetroot is really great and I've discovered it a tad late. It's high in iron, contains loads of Vitamin C, improves the health of the liver, has the capability of purifying the blood during pregnancy thus reducing defects of birth, diminishes blood pressure (not that i need any of that), increases physical stamina for pregnant moms, packs carbs, Vitamins A and B, soluble fiber and protein and last but not least, folic acid which helps in fetal development -- especially important in the initial stages.
Soups are a must, especially since for this pregnancy I didn't get much, if any at all, soup from the mil. Cordyceps are known to be good for immunity. It's extremely expensive. A few short strands can set you back by SGD300-500! So as a substitute, I used Cordyceps Militaris which is a cultured fungus that has similar properties I suppose. It has anti-inflammation, anti-aging properties, relieves insomnia, strengthens one's lungs and benefits the kidneys. I simply slow cooked it with some huai shan, red dates and wolfberries. Everyone loved it!
Blackbean is said to have heaps of folate. I hope I'm not too late in this game! It is also a good source of fiber and protien. Pan fried herb salmon. a good source of omega. really hope i m not lacking in that department coz throughout this pregnancy, i have been adverse towards fish! lastly stewed chicken with carrots and mushrooms. the gravy is just divine! slurps.

A spread for two plus one and a half. Steamed chicken with red dates (careful not to add dang gui as this is a no-no for pregnant women) and wolfberries together with cordyceps chicken soup take centre stage. Other supporting dishes include fried fish, spinach and onion egg. Special mention that i have been using either brown rice/ black rice / quinoa in replacement of white rice as these are known to be super grains. Healthy much? :)

So there, i hope the above will inspire you to step into the kitchen and whip up something healthy :)