LIL K's first Sports day

Sunday, May 11, 2014

9 May 2014. 

Venue: Toa Payoh Stadium

The day started bright and early.  Probably too early thus by noon,  Lil K was tired but the daddy wasn't home yet thus lunch was at 1230. Schedule totally thrown off! I'm a nazi when it comes to schedules. By 130pm she managed to fall asleep.  I knew this spelt trouble coz her sports day was due to start at 230pm! Indeed,  we had to drag her out of bed at 215pm and we're fashionably late thanks to the person who built such limited parking space at the stadium.   We were in time for the last event and immediately,  her teacher grabbed her for her to have a taste of it. The poor thing was still in shock! I certainly wouldn't like it if I were grabbed out of bed and subsequently put on the track!  Haloooo what's going on? Lil K was emo all the way.  Could barely make her smile.  Thankfully the daddy worked his magic n overall I guess the Sports Day left an impression on her albiet being a short episode.

Daddy ran more than Lil K!