Monday, May 26, 2014

I've done it! Everything went in a blur literally. I was suppose to be at the obstetrician's before 10am but the chill hub as usual said we should leave home only at 10am knowing how long it will take to see the gynae. I had to start fasting (else one might puke with the effects of anesthesia) by 730am n had to set the alarm to wake up earlier to buy myself and the family breakfast. But once again,  the chill hub says just wake up as usual. Anyhoots, at 8am I officially stopped eating and drinking but by 11am I was darn hungry!  Excruciating!
930am, we started loading our luggage  etc onto the car.  Yup, is beginning to look like a 5d4n retreat with a bonus at the end of the day.
1015am we were at the clinic doing the usual urine test and CTG (listening of baby's heartbeat). We then waited for some time before seeing our obstetrician.
Noon. we went to settle our administration. The chill hub didn't register in his very occupied brain that my surgery was due at 2pm and thought we had heaps of time and wanted to have his lunch first before doing the admission.  Granted he was hungry but I, ME, the very pregnant woman who started fasting at 8am was famished so don't talk to me about food!
1pm. Admission finally done.  Don't understand why it has to take this long.  We were escorted by concierge to the room. The nurses were a tad worried as time was running out. She even hesitated to administer enigma as we were then only left with half an hour. It was then that the chill hub said: oh, your surgery's at 2pm? That's not a lot of time.  -_-
2pm. I was wheeled in and waited outside the operating theatre.
215pm. Anesthetist preped me and injected epidural.  It was surprisingly painless this time! The first round,  I screamed during the jab despite taking a deep breath of the laughing gas. This time,  under the very skilful care of Dr Dicky Tay, it was not even an ant bite! Was like a poke of the pen!
315pm. Everything was settled.  Baby's out, I was stitched up and on the way to the ward.  Wow!
Day 2. So there I was, lying in bed with a urinary catheter shoved up one of my holes.  for the second time. They took it out this morning,  waited for 7 hours as i tried to pee but to no avail.  Thus up it went again for another three days thus my resort stay got extended.  I was cursing and swearing mainly because of the pain inflicted by the catheter on top of the cesarean wound as I mustered courage to walk just a few steps to the coach. I laid in bed for so long that my backbones were cracking and my back was perspiring non stop this caused me to itch very badly. I scratched so much my back bled according to the hubs. He went back to get me some moisturizer and powder.
Day 6. Catheter taken out and I could finally pee! They had to shove another tube up to my bladder to see how much pee was left after I passed urine. Being poked n poked n poked isn't quite my idea of fun. Anyhoots,  we finally went home with our new bundle of joy :)
Sleeping like a baby like We all wish. 
Kaelyn has been the sweetest sister and daughter ever! Constantly looking for her lil brother and stroking him lovingly.  Also she has been a gem as she knew mama can't carry her during pregnancy and she walked on her own 99% of the time when with me! How not to shower this daughter with love?  It makes up for the times she throws a sissy fuss.