Week 36: happy mother's day

Sunday, May 11, 2014

N so it's the yearly overrated day of the year once again -- Mother's Day.  Oh don't get me wrong. I'm a mummy n would love to be showered with gifts, recognition and attention but shouldn't this be done on a daily basis?  I mean we have to clean shit for the kid(s), cook,  do chores (unless u r one of those lucky ones who has help at home) 24/7 so why do we get such recognition only on the second Sunday of May? Well, "fortunately" the hub isn't quite into such things. Over the last 3 yrs, i've learnt not to hold my expectations too high. Such an eventful day would be grossly disappointing should I hope for even the smallest initiative. Birthdays,  anniversaries,  Mother's or Father's day alike, at the very best he will just humour me with a meal at my suggestion. It was a little better during courtship days. Even then, my first bouquet of flowers came only after 6 years and it made such an impact, his friends cheered for me! Now that we are married, it's worse. I guess a marriage invariably shifts the focus of relationships. This year was no exception. Wish there was,  but it's merely my wishful thinking. But all hope's not gone,  I hinted for a mother's day pressie cum push gift.  His reply however was: u aren't gonna push so why need a push gift?  Grrr.. but I guess being a tech enthusiast, he caved in and got me this! 

Ok, the frivolous cover was bought by me, but the phone was through his pocket! A Samsung Note 3 which by the way is a gem when it comes to blogging coz at least i don't have to widen the screen to read or edit something! With increased screen size, I'm more likely to do stuff with the phone. Hmm a sign of "lao hua"? ie long sightedness? 

Before you jump to any conclusion, this feast wasn't set up for little old me. Nope, i'm just a guest who was lucky enough to sit in. The SIL and hub decided to do a sukiyaki shabu shabu feast for the mom. Great daughter. Hope my Lil K grows up to be this filial and our relationship won't be as taunting as mine and Empress Dowager's. 

So the rest of Mother's Day was uneventful. No adorable handmade crafts or drawings coz the Lil one didn't attend school on Friday. The day was simply peppered with tantrums and hours of potty trainings with unsatisfied demands. However, as I sit here now in the dead silence of the night, I begin to realise that the gift of motherhood is a sacred one. One of giving and not expecting much in return.