The confinement nanny from Elm Street

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Many people have asked me to rest more during this period of confinement but between latching and pumping like a cow every 2 to 3 hours and sometimes even more when Bb K2 decides to cluster feed and eating my meals (5 a day literally) and looking after Big K,  I really can't quite find time to rest and relax.  Why? Nope not because no.1 decides to throw some sissy tantrum. It's because of the confinement nanny who has been distressing me since day 1.
Day 1: she said she was impressed with my milk flow. I was reaping 60ml and darn proud about it.
Day 2 morning: she grumbled that my son didn't quite sleep last night coz of hunger. Kept crying coz of hunger n that I should consider (I'm using very polite terms) topping up with formula.  FORMULA is a taboo when u talk to a breastfeeding mother!  it means no latching which potentially reduces one's flow!  Plus she clearly was carrying out the nanny's SOP (standard operating procedure) trying her luck as the oldies think that formula will fill the baby's tummy and allow them to sleep better.  Helloooooooo.... There's no scientific proof!
Day 3: again.. First thing in the morning I was told that the son woke up every 1.5h for feed.  Utter rubbish coz I woke up every 1.5h to pump n didn't hear or see him b feeding! In anycase even it was true, so what? It's normal for babies to get their days and nights mixed up.  N again I was rudely ticked off and told that my supply was not good enough. Ironic isn't it considering what she told me on day 1? I told the husband in hope he'll be in the same camp as me but alas!  He thinks his son is special n truely feeds a lot! Granted that boys drink more but you know how ridiculous things got?  Within 2.5hrs the previous night,  the nanny bottle fed him with 120ml of expressed breast milk and shortly after when he cried,  she said it was due to hunger n that I should offer him my boobies. I did. Two of them!  Wow mammoth appetite for a one week old! So I consulted the pediatrician who said it's important to keep the child happy n if he is hungry just give on demand. I pushed further coz I wanted a professional to see my light, that the nanny is pushing K2 into a food coma.  Finally, he said babies his age take in abt 90ml on average so 120ml is indeed a little too much. (I didn't even mention about the two boobies). Subsequently I told the nanny and guess what that cantankerous old lady said?  "Nonsense!  What does the dr know"... oh wow this is new. . The dr doesn't know n yet he is a doctor. Nice one.
Day 4: I stained my pants and she complained loads stating that in her stint as a nanny for so many years in the only one who stained! Wow! This is new to me.  U mean everyone is wrapped up in diaper and accidents don't happen?  More ridiculous was she had the audacity to ask me to spray water on any future stains top wash it off before passing it to her.  Amazing! Doesn't one of her chores entails such shitty cleaning?  Plus I m not suppose to touch water during confinement no? I was initially feeling awkward and bad for letting her wash such "dirt laundry" but now I feel I should give her more!
Day 5: complained that the NUK teats I'm using aren't good,  that no one uses avent sterilizer thus I'm weird, that my johnson and johnson wet wipes aren't good.  Oh gosh.  Seriously don't know what's wrong with this old lady.
Day 6: kept bragging about how strong she is,  how stupid everyone else is
Day 7: incessant complaints about the mil buying enough fresh produce and not taking initiative to figure what's needed.  Come on! Everyone has different styles,  we aren't the worm in your stomach.  Then again, she was mighty pleased with my mum who bought heaps.  I guess that's the difference between being a daughter and daughter-in-law despite giving birth to the first grandson after 3x years. At one point in time,  Empress Dowager and the cantankerous nanny were plucking vegetables together in the dining area!  Hilarious sight!  I guess it takes one irritating woman to handle another irritating woman.
Day 8 to 11: continuous comments about others (mostly bad) and bragging about her accolades and overseas assignments.  All these mostly done when I'm having my meals or latching which is like almost every other hour!  N I thought I was a genius to turn on some music to relax as I feed my baby.  WRONG! Her voice is so so so loud!  No offence to anyone but she's your typical Cantonese aunty. Reminds me of all my gossipy aunts during Chinese New Year! Even though I was doing my work n not facing her,  she could talk.  N the latest was, she said my son is possessed as he wakes up in fright at night.  Geez!
I really don't know how I'm gonna tolerate her annoying acts and she's causing more stress than help. Granted , she's a good cook but I'd really trade for peace! Getting a replacement now isn't wise too as the next one may be worse.  N the thought of the hassle is tiring. 3 more weeks... just 3 more weeks!  我忍你!