Happy Birthday my dear friend!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

An overdue post at 3:09am. Insomnia again whilst sweetie sails through a cacophony of snores. I swear his snores are getting louder day by day, perhaps due to the good food and good life he's having.

Back to the essence of this post. Celebrated good friend E's birthday on Sunday. Welcome to the club gal! Made her a card with a picture of the youthful her. The pic was given to me in 1999 and I thought it'd be a lovely surprise for her. It's amazing how time flies. I'm impressed by our undulating friendship that we have. To be in touch and still have that sisterly feeling till today isn't easy. Takes two to tango and am glad you did not disappear or go all weird on me. Dinner was at T3, Earl Swensens. Didn't know its existence till today. Talk about being a mountain turtle! I eagerly anticipated my meal which looked scrumptious and amazingly mouth-watering on the menu but:
Look at the portion! Sometimes I wish I'm a beetle or some sort. This plate of meager seafood will probably be enough to nourish my whole family for one whole year! Seriously, the squid and fish looked way bigger on the menu. Digital enhancement perhaps. Nevertheless, the raisin butter rice was tastefully fragrant.
This was what the birthday girl had -- a staunch vegetarian. A real wonder how she manages to do so, with all the palatable meat dishes around...n what about KFC!!?? Discipline. That's what this gal has! Indeed, with the amount of accolades she has under her belt, it's no wonder she's been one movitating factor in my life.
The birthday gal herself! We didn't really change much from our school days. Or at least I hope to think so. Reminiscing the past, I can't help but think how much we have achieved. The days spent studying together in the comforts of the huge ass study room and being served ginseng tea frequently, must have contributed lots to my grades back then! haha..
Fellow girlfriend H....Make a guess what E's laughing about....*Wink*

Back home, life's surprises have arrived. Above is the long awaited Marc Jacob. Was anticipating it enthusiastically but Reebonz.com failed to provide an up-to-mark service. First, there was a stain which could not be professionally removed, thus they sent it back to the supplier for an exchange. That took perhaps 1+ wks. Upon arrival in Singapore, it was supposed to be mailed out on Thursday, but apparently there's some screwup with their system as they are "growing" real fast (or so they claim) that their system can't catch up, thus my item wasn't mailed till Monday! In all fairness, they did service recovery by giving me $50 credit as a form of goodwill. Guess I can't blame them anymore. :-)

Surprise number 2 --- The handle on my iron gate is SPOILT! Yup, that's the remains of it. We needed to do an autopsy. Somehow the catch has mysteriously misaligned and it's not permanently damaged. G and sweetie had a hard time sweating over it but to no avail.

As I plough through my diary, i'm delighted that the June hols are nearing. However, upon scrutiny, it's probably gonna be a tougher road than usual. As panic attack strikes, there'd be loads of extra lessons. I hope people will be responsbile enough to update early and not screw up my plans. in fact, most importantly, I hope S will give me a confirmation on our last day. Am planning to do a course to upgrate myself during this period too if time permits. Been trying to contact the centre, but somehow, people around me these days have the tendency to go missing/ act irresponsbily and not give me an answer. What's up man?!

Hopefully the forthcoming trip will be a fulfilling one. Filling my shopping bags to the fullest that is! Following that, hopefully I can spend more Me time and Us time with sweetie. Wish i can have more unconstructive little pockets of time to while away.