Happy Birthday Lerraine!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

I'm back! I was not holed up in some remote mountain, cut from civilisation but am back from the hectic week filled with a languorous itinerary, which rendered me emotionally, physically and mentally weak! Was engulfed in an overwhelming schedule -- 12 hours back to back. No joke. I'm not trying to trumpet but at times, I think I feel far too much for others. Need to really build up a resilience towards such a lifestyle. Really wanted to chill out on Friday night and since the big part of the gang had gone diving, it meant I had sweetie all to myself! yeah!

FRIDAY: Went to BARK CAFE. It's near Changi Chapel + near Changi Prison. Used to be rather quiet, but recently, the crowd picked up. I was surprised that there was a big crowd even at 10pm. Mostly were feasting and celebrating bdays. ahhh...wish everyday's Friday!

The chicken wings, in the words of Kris, were DAMN OWN!!! The pricing's really not exhorbitant and some dishes were rather enticing, in particular the Crayfish HOR FUN! High class isnt it? Expensive but I think it's gonna be worth it.
SATURDAY: I managed to free up some time and attend Chuan's baby girl's bday party at NSRCC. Not wanting to make it a wasted trip, sweetie stole a few moments and did an hour + of chipping and putting. I was made to practise too, but somehow, I don't have such aptitude for the game. My wrists are simply not made for this and when I can't do something well, I get impatient and frustrated. However, one little perk in it is the apparels. Recently, it's deemed trendy to be associated with golf by wearing its apparel, so I guess I'm in the league huh? :-)
Look at sweetie, he makes it seems so easy. The Tiger Woods stance is absolutely perfect. Any advertisers out there who need a model for their golf mag? hahaThe birthday girl! Apparently she doesn't like any Tom Dick or Harry to carry her, but she took an instant liking to me! Refusing to be passed on! hmm..a natural motherly smell on me perhaps?Awwwwwww...look at that adorable pair of shoes!!! So cute right? Heard it's only $3!

Children these days are super lucky! They don't know it's their birthday yet they get a big ass cake with their name on it! To be fair, I did have a huge cake for my 1st bday too, but I didn't have party at a chalet. It was only daddy, mommy and I...the cake was in the shape of the number ONE. Cool for those times!

Look at Lerraine's arm...MICHELLIN style! So cute!
Was feeling terribly bored at the Chalet. The ebullient mood was prevalent indoors with a playground full of children running around and the singles took their seats outdoors. Humidity was at its peak. I can't help but complain. Look at the "bracelet", it was my creation when I burst one of the balloons. OPS! Was too bored la! Didn't know anyone but sweetie and cousin-in-law. Nothing much in common with the rest whom I was introduced. Small talks after a long day bores me. Evidently, sweetie sensed it and suggested we leave early.
SUNDAY: Am I aging gracefully? They say as you age, you don't need that much sleep. I used to be able to sleep till noon, but these days, even though I sleep late, I'll be up at 8am! This is sooo not me! Perhaps it's stress acting up. This was exactly what happened today. A Sunday! Sweetie was up early too. Somehow, we opened our eyes at the same time and looking into his sleepy eyes and knowing that he is there for me, makes me feel completely blessed.

Washed up and headed to Vivocity for Macs. It's pleasant to be out early as you don't have to fight for a parking space. Macs was exceptionally crowded today.

After spending an hour at Macs, catching up on readings, oblivious to the screams of irritating toddlers, we headed for some shopping. Needed some anti-recession therapy. Ok, it's a buying frenzy excuse. Checked out F21, Topshop, Warehouse and RiverIsland (which incidentally, was having a sale). INSANELY BORING! What were they selling? F21 and Topshop looked like they got their supplies from THIS FASHION! The only thing which caught my eye was this Dianamite black watch fm RiverIsland. Only $40. It was enticing me to part with my money but the practical side of me said NO. well done! There was this other dress from BEBE which caught my eye. Was rather artistic. It was covered with plastic rings, or at least I think they were plastics. After checking out the price, a whopping $395, i decided that it wasn't a trend to eschew. Madness! for that price, I'm just buying a whole lot of plastics! Not very Green in my opinion. Sweetie said it was more for a nightclub mamasan. That did it. I did not buy. :-)

Alright, back to my wkly dose of relaxation and cooking. What's for dinner today? Stay tuned and be treated to a palatable meal. :-)