Get ready to whet your appetite!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Just got back from the movies. Caught Angels and Demons, staring Tom Hanks. Good show albeit the many accents which I had to catch! The lingo's rather catchy too, perhaps coz I'm not well versed in the religious terms. I've been trying to give my devote more time to my blog (for whatever reasons I'm not so sure), but I failed miserably. I thought this wk would be more of a breather, but somehow I was wrong. Was slogging till Thursday when I could finally go for a haircut! Visited Cassey @ Palais Renaissance and M was the guy! He took a load off me literally! The head massage he gave me whilst washing my hair was a rejuvenating welcome. Been plagued with migraines after basking in and out of the tormenting sun. The heat is simply berating us with a vengeance I tell u! Each time I'm out, I feel consumed by the fumes! Anyway, the haircut was truly an aesthetic experience. I drifted in and out of sleep whilst having my hair cut! Yes. That's how tired I am.

After an hour, I sashayed down Orchard and with a spontaneity bug, I entered Isetan Lido. Saw a pair of Celine heels.....Ohhhhh how I wish they were mine!!!! Was in tremendous need of retail therapy. I've been holed up long enough. Call it anti-recession therapy or whatsoever, I needed to spend small. The items were however disappointing, perhaps due to budget constraints, I did not really check things out. I miss the States!!! URGH! Couz P was showing to me the stuff she bought on her recent trip to NY...GOSH...I miss Woodsbury!! She must have bought like $1k worth of shoes! I kid you not, that woman is a shoe freak. not to mention a spendthrift! A small part of me was envious (or jealous) nevertheless. In all honesty, despite having a truckload of clothes, shoes and bags, none are obscenely expensive. I should really invest in more practical stuff which spells more glamour or flamboyance perhaps? Expensive, but worth it. However, to do that, I would probably need more moola and approval from sweetie! Men. They won't understand the joy derived from having a different bag to carry each day or the effect that shoes have on us.

Anyway, enough of my musings, feast your eyes...literally:

Me, before going for my haircut @ Cassey's. Looking a little retarded eh?
A Spontaneous decision to cook after grocery shopping at Isetan after my haircut. There was a whole selection of Japanese pre-made sauces and they were calling out to me. Fortunately, it was very much appreciated by sweetie who was starving by the time I got home. Above is a Japanese pancake with cabbage, prawn and octopus filling. It came with the sauces, seaweed and the flakes but I added extra mayo to give it more omph! Turned out really good! Below was our main course. I had linguine in Cod roe and Japanese butter whilst sweetie had his in garlic, mushroom and vegetable sauce. Both of which were extremely salty! Japanese style, what do you expect?
The Japanese feast was served in less than half an hour! Now that's what I call fast food.
This was whipped up some time last wk. Was craving for some omega 3, thus I bought a small slice of fish and tried steaming it with belachan. Not bad but sweetie didn't like the "smelliness". Was trying to emulate what the mee sua stall along Changi Road was selling. Their steam fish are simply out of this world! My result -- 50% close? There must be a particular brand of sauce which they are using! Next on the menu -- Terriyaki chicken. Cooked almost a dozen and was worried that we could not finish. Surprise Surprise! WE DID! in fact, we wolfed down the entired dinner and left no evidence of it! Soup of the day -- Corn, carrot and potato with onion soup. Absolutely SWEET! baby loved it!
Salmon Sashimi -- Sweetie's dessert! Can you believe his appetite? I'm dumbfounded.
Had a relatively short day. Ended at 630pm. Sweetie was very busy at work thus I decided to cook up somethin simple since we still had some dou miao left. Speeded to NTUC Bedok immediately after work and bought the ingredients. In case you are wondering, the curry chicken was not done by me!! DUH...I couldn't be going through such trouble at that hour!
Something simple -- Steam egg. Japanese would call this chawamushi, minus the dashi! Wondering how I managed to make it this smooth? Cover it with foil/ gladwrap whilst steaming. shhhhhh.....mommy certainly did not tell me that! No wonder her steam eggs are always filled with craters! haha!
Soup of the day -- Bittergourd soup! Was entertaining thoughts of having more fibre in my diet, thus this soup. Ok, it's not exactly fibrous, but at least it's a plant! The liver and meat made great stock. This was whipped up within the hour and my tastebuds simply exploded in utter delight when I sank my teeth into the scrumptious dishes!

The thrill of seeing my sweetie enjoying my "fruits of labour" and licking up every last bit of the soup gives me a sense of unexplanable exhilaration. I wish I can tantalise his tastebuds more often, but unfortunately I do not have the luxury to do so. Work and money simply doesn't permit. I yearn for the day where I can pursue my passion, seek knowledge and shop without hesitation and guilt. For now, that will only be a dream.

PS: Did I mention? After much procrastination and feeling the seams suffocating me day by day, I went brisk walking with Couz P on Wednesday after a blood boiling session with J. Each time is a test of patience. Back to brisk walking....we walked from Bedok Court, through the park connector, to East Coast Park, to Bayshore Park Tunnel (was hoping to hit a nearer tunnel, but overestimated our abilities), out the tunnel and back to Bedok Court. My guess on distance travelled -- 6km! Amazingly, I perspired quite a bit! I'm usually really bad at detoxing via my perspiration!