Where did the weekend go?

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Fluffy scrambled eggs with cracked black pepper; Burgers, Hashbrowns, milo and premium brewed coffee.

What a lovely beginning to the day!

Yes, it's Sunday! Finally! I'm beginning to treasure my Sundays more as it seemingly get shorter. Today, I took the effort to wake up early (getting up before 10 on a Sunday is definitely early!) to go for breakie at Macs @ Vivocity with sweetie. Letting the aroma of freshly brewed coffee drift into our nostrils whilst perusing the papers and tabloids, is definitely a perk-me-up. After the comfort food breakfast, we walked around. Surprisingly, Sweetie was in the mood to shop. I, on the other hand, was still disturbed by our finances and wasn't in the mood. However, it was mommy's bday and I had to get her a decent cake.

Here r some pics, not in full chronological order:

Unable to get a new phone just yet (I WANT MY E71!!), I can only make do with an improved phone! LOVE THE BLINGS TO THE MAX!
Along the way to Vivocity, we spotted this truck.....Polo Horses?

Did some random shopping. Sweetie was contemplating to get himself some shoes (so much for budgeting). Popped into Timberland and was pleasantly surprised by their service. The usual salesman "breathing down your neck" was inevitable but what delighted me was that he gave us two complimentary bottles of mineral water! Hmm..wonder if they've drugged the thing. Guess not! Coz we ended up not buying shoes from him, but instead crossed over to Geox and sweetie got himself a pair of sneakers! There was even a 15% discount! Ended up payin only $130. NIce. Wish I could get myself a decent pair of shoes. Just the other day, my shoes gave way (AGAIN). Wore it once only! Sad coz it's a cute pair of shoes. Perhaps I can salvage it with some glue. Shall try. Saw a pair o lovely faux snake skin heels. The height is perfect and interestingly, my feet didn't look bloated and wide in those heels! I wanted to get it badly (though I didn't see much use of it), but held back upon seeing the price -- $293! Why must lady's shoes be so damn ex! Guess I'm back to my Charles and Keith and Vincci. Sweetie obviously understood how therapeutic shopping can be. So happy over the "breathable" shoes. Yes, apparently, that's the selling point of GEOX.

I had my share of therapy, but in a much smaller scale. Saw these items at MINI TOONS and could not resist!

Adorable isn't it??! Seriously, the creator is a genius! I was totally overwhelmed by it's witty design and had to get it though it cost $12+! Well, at least it's useful. *wink*
For those of u who are still wondering what that is, it's not a giant Nissin Cup noodles....but coin bank which doubles up as a toilet roll holder!

Was intrigued by this display and went in to have a peek. The stuff there are amazingly priced! Sweetie saw a jacket that cost $294 and was yearning to buy. Insanity! There was even this room where you can pay to experience what it is like to have -40 degrees celsius winds blowing at u! It only cost $1, but no one tried. Sweetie made a rather cute comment -- he wanna buy smth in support of National Geographic so that they can continue to make good shows for him to watch! Duhhhh....

It's mummy's bday. Knowing her, she'll run amok should I forget her bday! Thus, last night, at midnite, sweetie and I went to 7-11 and got her this stylishly thin Samsung mobile. C170. cost- $80! Unbelievable right? Chio too. Comes in both jet black and scarlet red. The red is simply irrisistable! Can't believe that mom has a new phone and I had to bling my own phone to delude myself into thinking that I've got a new phone!
A cake was a must, though mom's always telling me she's not a cake person. However, imagine the exasperation on her face should I not present her with a cake! She called whilst i was shopping for a cake. Thankfully, I missed that call. She could only call me for one reason on a Sunday. And that was, to be her faithful AHMAD! She's always ever so pampered that she needs someone to fetch her home from church! For crying out loud! it's a Sunday! Give me a break! Needless to say, I was not foolish enough to chauffeur her. She ended up taking the bus home but still wanted someone to pick her up from Chomp Chomp. Too lazy to walk home.

Back to the cake spree. Saw some miniature cakes going at $18 at Swiss bake. Was tempted to buy but checked out Bakerzin and settled for that instead. Chocolate Amer was going at half price. I was diliberating between Chocolate Amer and Mango Mousse. Mom's not a big fan of chocs, thus, I settle for Mango, despite sweetie's suggestion to go on budget (asshole, after spending $130 on a pair of shoes, the least u can do is to buy mom a cake and not stinge on it!)
ooooo.........nice right? The exquisite taste and unbelievably smooth texture rendered me helpless in this gastronomical heaven. Ok, seriously, the cake wasn't that great at all! The mousse was sour and not to my liking. Thankfully, mommy liked it. Dad as usual was a spoil sport and did not try or even take pictures with us. :-(...The moment we went home, he cooped himself in the room, sewing his shirt! Totally ignoring me! Nagged him, but he was obviously oblivious to my feelings. Somehow, I feel neglected each time I visit him. He is a man of few words but still, he should seriously engage in more small talks with me and sweetie!
Mummy was really happy. She was initially sore coz since this morning, I did not even wish her. Thinking that her only daughter had forgotten her bday, she got engulfed in an overwhelming feeling of distraught and not to mention, became a little pyscho. She actually demanded a new phone from me over lunch! Was a little pissed over her attitude. It's like I owe her the world.

There. Happy? A simple phone for a simple person.

Sweetie did good today. Patiently teaching my mom how to use the phone. Trust me, that requires loads of patience! I took months to teach her how to use her old phone! Though I must say, it was all worthwhile to see how happy she is.

After all the excitement, it was then time for sweetie to go for his usual game of soccer. Today was a match agst the church team..hmm wonder if they'd bring on 30 ppl to the field again!haha what a sight! At home, i entertained the thought of sleeping, but felt a little guilty that I had not accomplish more..Thus, I did a little packing (Oh did I mentioned? I put aside 3 big bags of clothes yesterday! Spruced up my wardrobe again..there's much more to put aside, but that will just have to wait!). Had a deep craving for a good read, thus after doing my chores, I plopped onto bed with the latest tabloids!haha...Then a sudden relaxation washed over me. The effect of the bed was almost immediate. Within half an hour, I was off to dreamland! Guilty as I am, it was undeniably a good treat. Made up for lost time by doing some marking whilst watching news of Swine Flu (scary and pray that all will be over soon). Books were accumulating and screaming for me to do something about them. After clearing more than half of the pile, I took a break and washed a lame show -- STEP BROTHERS with sweetie. didn't quite understand why he found it so hilarious. The lame jokes just didn't connect with me. N the part when the guy took out his nuts and rub it on the drums certainly adds to its lamity. It's not supposed to be RA, so what's with that scene! Geez.

Now, sitting in the comfort of my air-conditioned room, enjoying the cool breeze emitting from the vents, I can't help thinking -- Where did the wkend go?