The Friday's not gonna be GOod

Monday, April 6, 2009

It's been a short hiatus since my last entry. Don't worry, I'm still alive. Wallowing in the mundane activities of life.

Right this moment, I'm basking lazily in the run on a deck chair, comfortably bathing in the golden sun's rays (risking the mutation of my skin cells). The birds, the squirrels, the hustle and bustle of things around are making a cacophony of noise. All these are simply music to my ears. To my horror, I open my eyes and realise that all these are just mere hallucination. Yes. I'm dreaming.

To start with, life's really been quite the same. However, perhaps with Good Friday's round the corner, I was really hoping that I could plan something nice with sweetie. In fact, he's not going golf for my sake. Ok, i'm not that influential, but he's seriously not golfing on that day, thus it's a perfect time to catch up with things and have some ME time (FYI, ME time is defined as Me doing my own things/ doing stuff with Sweetie and basically having the whole day to Me, Myself and I). Unfortunately, pampered kids and demanding parents out there can't give me a break. I've suggested to push Friday's lesson to next wk for this particular student, but "poor" gal can't make it at 4pm coz she has to stay back in school till 2pm! geez! No doubt everyone needs a breather, however, when you are in your crucial PSLE year, you should not even think of SLEEPING or Resting! In anycase, I had to oblige, otherwise, I will probably cause the parent to become delirious. So with a woebegone heart, I have to accept the sad fact that Friday's not gonna be good for me.

It's a constant struggle in life. Education has always been indispensable to man, hence the constant pushing of its limits to reach further, to gain more. But gaining more doesnt equate to torturing the tutor. Honestly, it takes two hands to clap. If you guys don't start clapping, you'll never make things happen!

It's always a madhouse in the early part of the week. It's ironic. On the one hand I wish that time will fly so that the weekend will approach sooner, on the other hand, March is over and the economy looks bleak, with everyone simply too caught up in our own lives, in blissful oblivion. It irritates me to no end as I would really like to achieve more in life. Think it's time I sit down and relist my goals. STOp BEING LAZY! Stop being a PROCRASTINATOR!

Some photos to entertain:

We had a Spagetti feast last Saturday. Gwakie wanted me to cook though I was home only at 7pm. thus, I whipped up something really fast. Above is Tomato base Spagetti. Big Brother likes tomato base thus I used the remaining ingredients from my baked mussels to cook his dinner. (n yes, that fat tummy laughing at u is big brother's!haha)

Delectably mouth-watering? One of my favourite dishes -- CLAM (above)...I can't quite say what sauce it's in. It's not white wine, it's not Chilli. it's kindof an array of ingredients varying from Belachan chilli, to salted beans to garlic , LOTS of it! Next to it is my plate of Cabonarra. YUM! With added bacon. Below was what I experimented during Xmas -- Mozerrella Cheese Baked Mussels! Everybody say ooooooooooooooooooooooooo...............

At Newton, they have huge Giant Prawns which massacred a couple of tourists. At a little cozy corner in the east @ my Humble house, i've a Giant Mussel!
Perhaps the fortune teller was right....I'll be facing lots of legalities this half of the year. Above is the evidence! Tons of parking fines which i refuse to admit defeat. Grief knows no bounds when eventually I have to face the music (when My appeals don't get through)