Lost in translation

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Marking the below compo was excruciatingly painful. Despite being trained previously by some other gurus (i've taken him in only 1 mth ago), it amazes me how this new entrant survived his last 4 yrs of primary education. Whilst marking, I plunged into infuriation (some sentences were simply direct translated from Chinese) but later, when I took a step back, I was compelled to burst into laughter (SO SORRY!!!)

The below is totally unedited. Read on and you'll understand what I mean:
My sister and I were watching blank on the television in front of us as. We looked like a squid without bones as we sat on the sofa in the living room, thinking things to do. We were as bored as hell as our parents had went to a wedding dinner. Boredness was written all over our faces. Just then, I had thought of a wonderful plan which suddenly entered my mind.

My heart was palpitating with joy and I was jubilant as I told my sister the wonderful. Her face suddenly was plastered with a smile and she was delirious. I went to the kitchen to get some matches and candles and my sister went to get some paper. We both were in high spirits as we were finding things to burn. We sat on the living room floor as I start up fire for the candles from the matches. The fire is up, but because the wind from the fans on the ceiling was too strong, it blew the fire to the other side, then disaster!

The curtain had caught on fire! We were paralyseed by the sight of our eyes. the fire had grew stronger and bigger as the fire spread through the whole room at a alarming rate. We quickly ran out of the room and called for help. The house was engulfed by the bright orange flame. Our neighbours were alerted by the fire and quickly called the fire brigade at lighting speed. They also took buckets of water and sprag into action as we went to safety. After five minutes, the firemen had arrived and quickly sprang into action at lighting speed.

After half a hour, the fire was put out but the whold apartment was burnt, and unlucky, our parents and just came back from the wedding dinner. I knew my sister and I would be scolded severly by them as I can see their faces were crimson red and nostrilsn were flaring wide. My parents thanked our neighbours copiously as they were scolding us. After this indecent we had never played with fire anymore.


  1. Eh but his vocab is pretty good lah - gota give him some credit

  2. OMG pls! the power words (eg palpitating; plastered; alarming rate)were all given by me! he was forced to use, else this pc would have been worse!

  3. oh, i thought how come he so clever. ok you are the clever one :)