Everything should have a cut off date

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Met up with P today. Finally! After eons. She apparently went NY for a 2wk break. Overwhelmed with work thus needed a break, according to her. Totally empathize regarding the work bit, but gosh...going NY for a break. that's a dream come true la! With air tix and accommodation all paid for somemore. Somebody up there pls send me a fairy Godfather! Anyway, was bitching about how our aunts will always bring up the topic of babies. tonite she asked if i'm plannin for one. I'm stunned and awestruck again. What am I to say. I'm at a loss for words. I do not wish to put together some incoherent lie. It's an irritating feeling. The reason is right at the tip of your tongue yet I can't say it. *SIGH*. Anyway, P used to be an anti-marriage and anti-kids person..however, after tonight's conversation, I realised she has changed. She's even having baby talks with her future hub and has given herself a cut-off date. If nothing happens when she reaches the age of 35, then be it. however meanwhile, let nature take its course. Great. Just what I need. more bitching and gossips in my family. I know I need to deal with it and stop obsessing about things, but yet again, it's hard. Some things are beyond my control and that would make me irrationally unhappy and vex. Until last night, I thought I still had someone to stand on the same line when bombarded by relatives. Perhaps a dog would be a good idea. Some couples simply put their heart and soul on a dog. Then again, I don't like dogs! N the amount spent on their grooming and food is amazing! I'm getting annoyed just thinking about this.

Strangely, I feel a little unforgiving this morning. Perhaps due to the late night I kept yesterday. Is this the marital bliss that I had expected? I'm not complaining as such, but the monotony of married life seem to have struck. I remembered the wonderful days before marriage, the exhilaration of courtship (ok, there weren't much...don't expect drama from him) and the promise of a lifetime ahead together. For the next few decades, would we end up like doomed couples who sustained their marriage only through sheer familiarity? I certainly hope not. I hope I can still cherish the moments he says "I love you", when he cooks dinner and cleans the house. I hope we can hold hands till we're old. It's a scary thought especially since I've witnessed several cases of divorce recently.

On a happy note, I made an impulse buy today at the click of a finger! Technically, it's not an impulse buy. I deliberated with L for hours till I decided to "accidentally" click on submit order at 3am+. Yes. i've an inherent fear of unleashing that shopaholic within me. 7 days more and my big ticket item will be here!! weeeee

Marc by Marc Jacobs. The inner lining is sooo adorable!!!! I totally deserve this!