Good Friday, issit really Good?

Friday, April 10, 2009

Sombre, Angst, Madrush. Those are the words to describe my day. For some strange reason (since the exams are still a mth away), I'm piled with a tedium of work. Slept at 3am last night and trust me, it wasn't beauty sleep at all. Had the rash. The weather's been giving me the heat rush. Powdering myself with "snake powder" doesn't seem to always work, especially since the humidity sinks in after 5 mins. Anyway, I was like a deranged maniac today. Woke up at 745am to a lazy Friday, exactly the sort that compels one to crawl right back to bed. Lazed in bed till my head throbbed and finally, looked at my clock and it read 925am!! OMG! I'm suppose to start my first lesson at 930am!!! Panic stuck. After informing that I'd be half an hour late, I dressed up in super-sonic speed. Amazingly, I was out of the house by 940am. Seriously had no idea how i did it.

Feeling unmotivated since it's a PH for most people, my brain refused to co-operate. Like an F1 driver, I zipped past a traffic light...hopefully my "crime" was not recorded by any unidentified objects. Miraculously, I arrived on time, much to the dismay of the student I believe!haha. Halfway through the morning, a slight queasiness rose in my gut and my stomach began its cacophony of churns.....which is no wonder -- I DIDN"T HAVE A THING TO EAT SINCE I WOKE UP! The race against time continued for the rest of the day, leaving me lightheaded. With my partially functioning brain, I was powerless by the time my 3pm ended. Thankfully, sweetie bought me food. Smsed me that he packed my favourite. hmmm I don't even know what's my favourite, how would he?haha. Oddly, I did not have any cravings. Perhaps all the artificial-flavoured drinks have been converted to glycerol and stored in my body. In anycase, I wolfed down every morsel in a matter of seconds, whilst reading my latest loan -- MARLEY AND ME. Missed the show, thus the book. I marvelled at my ability to read through 5 chapters before dozing off for an hour. For those of you who don't know, i would usually plunge headfirst into my bed after 3 pages.i have an inherent fear for reading. I find it supremely exhausting....strangely, I'm surrounded by books all the time. Eccentrically, these days, I'm so compelled to learn, to read and to seek knowledge. English is such a beautiful language and I think I've dwelled long enough in this solitary world of mine. The world out there is so huge, so much knowledge waiting for us to seek. Forge ahead or fall behind. There's no end to learning. I'm now a slave to knowledge...its an orgasmic experience when I learn a new phrase/ word. Hopefully, this newfound love would expand exponentially and not be annihilated by the enemy (ie. time and the ZZZ monster)