It's a Hairy business

Friday, January 23, 2009

It's been a while since I've got my hair cut. Three months to be precise and the ends are sticking out horrendously! With the Chinese New Year round the corner, I've decided to visit my favourite hairstylist, MINK. Each time I visit him, I'll pass by PASSION and occassionally, I'll bump into David Gan who will scrutinize me from head to toe. Ok, it's more head than toe. It's like no one else has the golden scissors besides him. Due to the festive period, there was a loading fee of $10 which caused my total charge to be $200+!!!.ahhhh...Following that, I had to go over to FORUM to grab my facial products. Whoever said that being a woman was easy?! it's not cheap either! Some stupid cleansers and lotions cost me a whopping $283! That's insane spending for a day! As if that was not enough, I have yet to include the fees for Comfy home. Engaged them to clean up my mom's place. It's in a terrible state! It's as if for the past 20 years, nobody cleaned her house! Clothes were still strewn all over the place. If you recall in a previous post, I took some pictures of her house....there were clothes in the living rm, dining rm, my x rm and her rm! n even the kitchen! It's simply amazing! Thus, i did not hesitate to pump in that money to get it spruced up! Only problem, she's ultra nice to maids....she kept asking them to sit and drink/ eat....and even gave them hell lot of old clothings and bags! of all, she insisted on not letting them clean her masterbedroom which is in a pig sty's state! My bro-in-law who tried to persuade her into letting his maids clean the room, failed terribly. What's wrong with her?! She can be keeping tons of papers and empty envelopes. she simply doesn't throw away useless letters after reading. and even those important stuff, she chucks them aside! So much so, she thought she had lost her wallet together with her IC. A police report was even made..but guess what? In the midst of packing for her, i found her wallet and iC on the floor! Right under the dining room! She's absolutely DISguSTInG LA!
My baby was with me the whole time and I was thankful that he helped to pack up the place. We didn't even know what to start. Halfway thru, I was so fed up i simply wanted to throw every damn thing that was in the way! How do you expect the maids to clean if there are stuff all over! MY goD LA! Baby and I later went for a quick breakfast (which was more like brunch)...we concluded that mom is a person who requires loads of attention and has a very bad upbringing in terms of cleanliness. She's constantly under hallucination that the world is being unfair to her and that her life sux coz she has to do all the housework herself! If only she'd spend a moment to reflect. HOw could a house turn out like that if one took good care of things everyday or perhaps every wk?? It's no wonder dad is grouchy everyday! Then again, he's a garung guni himself! It's useless talking to them. They simply make my blood boil. They are sleeping in a room which has an inch thick of dust and apparently, they are unbothered by it! It's amazing. Baby suggested that I should go back home once a wk to clear up the mess for her so that it's more or less neat. PLEASSSSSSSSSSSSE! I'm not her maid! PLUS, there were times when i went back and folded her clean laundry for her. left if on the sofa for a wk and that turned into her walk in closet. the following wk when i visited her, it's in a mess once again! So what's the point?! If you scold her, she'll only get pissed and start grumbling to every tom dick and harry including the maid!! My GOD LA!......each time her ramblings are about the fact that she works till time, no one's lazy etc...She simply has the mentality of a child! It's all about time management! plus, I did tell her not to work..she gains miserable sales from what she's doing, so what's the point? At the end of the day, her hard earned money goes down to health products and beauty products which she is a sucker for! She should start remediating her fallacy of being a good wife! Oooooooooooo....the mere discussion of her makes me fume, so I think i shall stop and start a new topic.
ok..let's see....the CNY is has been really nice, helping a lot with the housework (like he always does :-) .....however, though my house isn't as messy as mom's, i've loads to throw as well and it's indeed shiok to be discarding stuff! Really destressing, but tiring. Each yr it seems like CNY is approaching at a faster's realli scary actually. but hmm..i guess we've all gotto make things work and start getting focus on our direction. I'm sure we have got loads of wishes and the below are just some of mine:
  • -- Get my butt on to exercising regularly! (Friend, Sun Sun, was jus ttelling me she's been visiting the gym like 4 times a wk!! that's sooo unlike her!! she's a prima donna in the past!)
-- Start taking better care of my face and eye bags! Aim for LA MER EYE CONCENTRATE!!! many swear that it's their saviour! I've gotto try! but first, I've gotto SAVE! It's not cheap. heard it's between $200 - $300!! Freakin ex for a small pot!

-- BAGS BAGS BAGS and MORE BAGS! This yr, I think I'm gonna be a bag whore. I'll still continue to crave for dresses and clothings but I hope to focus more on bags. Fendi Denim Spy Bag; LV SPEEDY 30, Miu Miu's Nappa Bag (patented leather) n a Balenciaga City. They are to DIE FOR! Some people seems to be spending their hard earned money on stuff like that without second thoughts, but I've been thinking for the last 20 yrs and am still thinking!! Hmmm wonder if anyone will surprise me with one of the desired this birthday?hahaha..but ya, I'm gonna move towards the motto of quality and not quantity. But then again, having both would be fine too! hahaha... However, I promise myself not to be impulsive...afterall, I'll get a huge nagging from baby if I do invest in any of them! The price tags are outrageous and I totally agree...but if you feel the quality you'll simply fall in love! I WANT I WANT!! :-(....It's actually really bad thoughts, with the gloomy economy looming above us, I should be thinkin of how I can save and earn instead of spend spend spend!!! But I can't help it! It's women's essentials! Someone should actually tell baby that I'm not too bad compared to most other women. At least I control and till today have not owned a bag which worth a 4-digit figure!! (i still think it's insane by the way, despite the strong yearn)