Parents involved in homework -- Right/ Wrong?

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I'm serious when I say I have loads of readings to catch up! 24 hours is absolutely no time, especially when 3/4 of the time is spent working, and the remaining 1/4 is split between sleep and personal time. Check out the below article from THE STAR.....

"More parents involved in homework
IS there a better way of dealing with homework? Can students enlist the help of teachers or parents in completing their assignments? I had always sought the help of teachers and my friends to help me complete my homework during my schooling years.
But today, research shows that parents are very much involved in their children's school activities and assignments.
While their involvement is commendable, research also shows that parents have both a positive as well as negative effect on homework.
When parents are involved, there is a risk of them being totally engaged in completing their children's class projects and assignments.
Some of these parents have their own opinions on teaching, lesson plans and classwork, and have no qualms about pointing out a teacher's supposed "faults".
Not many teachers welcome this feedback which is why these parents are often considered "interfering".
However, the positive values far outweigh the negative as there is greater rapport between parent and child.
It also allows parents to appreciate and have a better understanding of classwork.
My hope is that parents and teachers are able to strike a balance between providing the best for their charges without spoonfeeding them too much. -The Star

To a certain extent, I think this is also a prevalent scene in Singapore. Just today, I received an sms from a parent asking me to help her P3 child with his homework as she'd be home late. tuition ended at 9pm for the little one and still no sign of mama. Guess mama is enjoying herself as she knows the tutor is doing her part. However, I'm not in favour of helping the child with his homework. Unless of course the child has problems, then by all means, Please let me help u!! I simply cannot tolerate people who don't even try and simply put the job to someone else like the parent/ tutor. I for one will not help if they themselves don't help themselves. If the child has not even made any effort in attempting the work, then why should I lend a helping hand? Spare the rod and spoil the child! I don't remember my parents helping me with academic stuff. Yet another display of generation gap? hmmmmmm........

Ok..back to more I find myself increasingly intellectual these days!