Tiger Woods in the making?

Monday, January 12, 2009

Realised I haven't been blogging regularly...Sorry I've neglected u, BLOG!

Finally bought a pair of golf shoes! A pretty NIKE white golf shoe. Chio man..n best of all, sweetie bought it for me! Which is really strange. He seldom buys things for no reason for me. I mean if there's no occasion, u can basically forget about having surprises. But recently, his passion for golf has been intense as frens Boon and Calvin are also in the golfing scene. Thus more kahkis. Anyway, inspired by the fact that Calvin is buying golf stuff for his gf and teaching her strokes, sweetie decided that it's time for me to rekindle the "Love". to me, i gotto look good first!Hahaha so here we are, the NIKE SHOES!

Went to the range on Sunday, hit until hand ache....sweetie gave me a 5/10..not bad! I passed! Some can't even hit the ball ok! But this passion of his is really getting on my nerves. It's afterall an expensive sport and one should not indulge if one isn't super duper well to do. Quality time together has also diminished. Going shopping means going with frens to Golf House @ Marina....Sundays r spent having brunch with frens then to the range (waste my effort to make my Sundays free this yr...perhaps I should just go earn more greens instead of facing the greens and waste $$)......the whole day is spent with them (nice ppl...but still...) n then soccer (for him that is)..... On wkdays, range, greens....etc etc n then makan n massage and tea with frens till at least midnite (for him that is)...where do i stand i wonder? Why does he need a wife then u ask? I dont have an answer myself. Guess I have to work hard at keeping myself happy.

Picture w the two "tigers" is so cute right? Young and middle- aged both at the game! The little boy is not more than 6 yrs old for sure and he has a little brother who was entertaining me the whole time with this "elephant" antics! haha I was having such fun acting as an elephant with him! The older brother is pretty talented too. hmmm..wonder if this could be a sight with my own kid in time to come? sigh...wishful thinking at this moment, coz Mr "Tiger Woods in the making" is only interested in his chipping and his bunkers. Making babies can probably wait.
Dinner tonight was a step to make myself happy. FROG PORRIDGE! Sinful la....$10 ok....not a cheap kopitiam dinner. But it was realli delicious! Bought it at Hougang after lessons...it's apparently a branch from Geylang Lor 9...i tink lor 3 is better though. :-) ...the ROYCE chocolate from Grace is still lingering in my fridge......INDULENCE!