If a picture paints a thousand words........

Friday, January 16, 2009

Words nowadays seem like a precious commodity to me. Perhaps that's why the creativity is a little blocked these days.

Lots in my mind...each time you tune in to asianews.com, it updates you on how gloomy the situation is and that things will not be optimistic in the next 6 mths. I'm trying to keep my outlook of the market up, but Alan Greenspan probably warrants this impossible. The bad economy and hence the gloomy job market, are causing people to play punk. Shan't go into details for this, but let's just say there's loads of bad debts uncollected. Being nice doesn't exactly pays at times. In fact, you may be taken for granted. Time to me is precious, yet many people around me are taking this for granted. I'll probably have to start seeing and taking more action. I really hope so, but things are running slow with some technical and aesthetic hiccups encountered with the website I'm working on. It's demoralising that I'm always plagued with problems each time I embark on something new. Perhaps that's God's way of teaching me to be strong. Let's just hope I can keep my sanity meanwhile. I have to. Afterall, couple of years back, I made this decision to have a career change and that threw my future into a whole new curve.

On a lighter note, I've been spending money again! I think i need to start keeping a better track of my expenses. This time, after being introduced to the much talked about and acclaimed BRTC BB Cream, I decided to give it a try. Apparently many Korean stars are using. BB Cream seems to have taken a stand in the beauty scene for some time. BB cream helps in providing rich nutrients and elasticity car for droopy skin. OK, i do not have droppy skin yet, but prevention is definitely better than cure! This Gold Caviar BB Cream has triple function, with a high concentration of Caviar extract. This special cream, according to its description, also helps to maintain natural beauty look for your skin. Works as a light foundation. Many forums are raving about it. So being a sucker for such beauty stuff, I took the plunge! Not a cheap one ok.....paid $55 for it...This was just one of the many stuff I got today...the rest weren't too interesting..CNY stuff (which included changing notes)..which has amounted to a significant 3-digit figure so far! *Groan*...ecy bad la, why don't we just skip the ang bao bit?