Rendezvous @ KL

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

They say the best bits of happiness are those you create for yourself. Last weekend I made happiness happen. Right after lessons on Friday evening, sweetie and I zoomed across the causeway and drove approximately 300km to Kuala Lumpur. Throughout, I was intoxicated by the peaceful drive and kept singing. Sweetie actually preferred that to the radio. Not that my voice was exceptionally melodious. Sweetie doesn't have the habit of having the radio on whilst driving and I can't stand silence in a claustaphobic environment. I was almost out of battery when we arrived at 10+.

Had to stop for dinner before we embark on our arduous journey. Guess what's for dinner? My favourite Bittergourd soup and fried pork of course!!! Tantilising and cheap!
No wonder we arrived that quickly!
Dive in pleasure was what we did! Look at how serene the fishes are! Bloop Bloop Bloop!
No, it wasn't a dive trip we went on.....we merely checked into KL's first marine-inspired boutique hotel. It's a really simple place with no amenities, not even a place of their own for breakfast. Rooms were however nicely decorated perhaps coz it's newly refurbished. When one "swims" along the corridor, one could see the art on the wall that mimic the sea -- truely an aesthetic experience.We were pleasantly surprised that we've got a free upgrade to a suite!! AWESOME! This place was really quite a little enclave of "nature" amidst a concreate jungle.

We were veging out on the sofa the whole time, snacking sinfully and relaxing the soul and the mind.
After a night of rejuvenating sleep, we woke up at 10am and headed for the streets for some brunch. Everywhere was overshadowed by skyscrappers and the place reminds me of Singapore. The mood was however very different as I was on a retreat!Had brunch at a fancy al fresco restaurant over at the PAVILION...which was somewhat like our PARAGON. It's a mall filled with the anchor brands like GUCCI, FERROGAMO, PRADA, just to name a few. The entire brunch cost us a whopping 80RM! We didn't eat anything else that whole afternoon! Itinerary for the afternoon was simply mandatory -- FULL BODY MASSAGE!

Dinner that night was also a splurge....Candlelight dinner @ THE SHIP. The feast was disappointing. Sweetie had Chinese Sharksfin soup....strange as it was a Western restaurant. It had a milky taste...Weird. My seafood chowder was no better. I thought chowders are supposed to be milky base, but mine was tomato base. Sweetie's steak was pretty alright but clumsy him, dropped the whole pc of meat on his lap!!!! Fortunately, it didn't land on the floor, else dinner would be bread and butter! My grilled black cod was weird too. perhpas I'm spoilt. In Singapore I'm too used to the standards of Blue Lobster. The cod was too crispy to be grilled. The sauce sweet. My verdict -- Food SUX. Fortunately, we could always rely on Heineken! We effortlessly washed down the beer at breakneck speed and went back hotel to chill once more!

Baby chilling at his favourite relax chair. Sipping his aromatic cup of coffee. He loved the chair so much, he wanted to carry it home! The whole can of pringles was a snapped up within one night. His appetite never ceases to amaze me!
I just had to take a photo of this quintessential car. It must have been abandoned for the longest time!

Two days of R&R soon came to an end. we had to make our way back on Sunday. Went for brunch at a rather famous coffeeshop. The egg tarts were heavenly! Adorable in size and adorable in price too! -- only 60 malaysian cents each! I bought 20 of them!
After checkout, the highlight of the day came -- MASSAGE AGAIN! 88RM for one hour of foot massage and one hour of Tui Na. The whole body felt so relaxed!

At approximately 415pm, we made our way back to Kembangan....not Seri Kembangan though...haha, fancy seeing my street name in Malaysia!

ohhhhhhhh SEDAP!!! Durians at one of the rest stations. It was fantastic and we packed 2 more home.
You must be wondering why till now I have not mentioned a word about shopping. Totally unlike a shopaholic like me right? Well it's becuase, my purchases were fairly small, nothing to boast about. Kept to my resolution and bought only 2 shoes and one pair of slippers. The dress was an impulse buy....merely 15RM. MUST BUY Right?
Back to reality. Can't help but it's time to strive hard again. Opportunity is knocking...hopefully Success is within reach!