Food & Pornography

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogging really fluctuates with mood. At least for me. I'm constantly blogging in my mind, when on the move, but when it comes to penning it down, I procrastinate. Or rather, time just isn't on my side. I'm sure this isn't the first time you've heard me saying. Life has been hectic since my return from BKK. With the many laundry I need to do (which I'm not complaining coz it means i've got new clothes!); and the catching up on lessons, life have rendered me breathless and left me in a state of PMS. I've been trying to obliterate all the pain of getting up early and marking the piles of holiday assignments but to no avail. Even exercising didn't really help perk up the endorphins. How to perk with sweetie's future still a question mark. At one point, the stress was so overwhelming, i cried in my sleep. The desecrating teas were signs of being timorous and a raving ninny, which, as society decrees, the very antipode of what a true blue man is supposed to be. Courage is not all about trying to mask the tears. It's the opposite -- The tears reinforce and fortify the heart's courage. Wanted to escape to neighbouring country for the wkend, but most hotels are full! Aren't people suppose to be paranoid over H1N1? Guess we are all slaves to temptation, particularly since it's still the school hols. Many are secretly hoping that school hols will extend by 2 more wks with the climbing numbers of H1N1 cases. Anyway, I did the best to alleviate the wkend pain.

星期六。热。非常热!The sun rose, peeking out shyly from behind the fluffy white clouds. I handwashed 5 new dresses and went for breakie (Noodles 132 @ Siglap) with friends. Afterwhich, sweetie, big bro and I went to Enterprise One @ Ubi where my tolerance once again wavered. I bought a Davidoff Coolwater -- an old friend. It's too cheap to resist! Big bro bought two bottles of perfume! Then, I hoped over to a provision stall next door and bought a whole load of cheap home essentials. It's quintessential that such a shop is at Enterprise One which features mostly home furnishings and beddings stores.

Ok, I hear u, more photos, less words? Here you go.

It was big bro's (the guy who's oblivious to the food on the table!) bday last Monday and I thought of cooking a simple fare for sweet, big bro and G. "Surprisingly" and at the eleventh hour, 3 more guests arrived. They say three is a crowd...hmm..somehow, they didn't think so. I didn't really appreciate the fact that I was notified at the last minute by sweetie, who simply said to cook more rice. I do admit I often overestimate but that day, I was really trying to keep my budget down. Afterall these people don't contribute financially to my cookouts. As much as I love to cook, it's insanely expensive to feed an army! Sometimes people just aren't that 自动. I apportioned the stuff I bought from the market at 830am (an unearthly time which normal, sane people would be sleeping) into a few packs, planning to cook 'em along the wk, but alas, I had to take out all reserves to meet demand.
From left: Spicy Mayo Prawns; Stir Fried Pork Chops; Home made Ngor Hiang. Soup of the day -- Veg (Gao Gei...I don't know what's that called in Chinese or English..sorry!) & Liver soup. Very tasty and sweet! Simply too! :-) Naturally, everyone wolfed down every morsel in a matter of seconds. With food so good, how not to expand exponentially in all directions? AIYO!
Food is all about show and tell. Check out how i multi-tasked in my kitchen. I had to, since no one really bothered to help. U can't expect much since you are the host, but then again, it's basic courtesy isn't it? Thank goodness there was C who helped wash the dishes without being asked. C's always so "automatic". Sometimes, man's EQ are just low. Man in general that is, no sexual difference. Many a times, sweetie just doesn't want me to cook coz no one helps out with the dishes and he's left with the gruelling task of washing the pots and pans. If those who come are not regular guests, perhaps we've an excuse for them, afterall, you'd really want them to just enjoy the whole housewarming experience. However, when regular guests start to behave in such manner, we begin to feel like we are taken for granted. Or at least I feel so. Think I should really heed sweetie's advice and cook less. Budget is the key, especially in times like these. It doesn't do our pockets good to be so don't really see others doing so. Not trying to nit-pick but even my supply of drinks are "invaded". It's appalling that people fill up their bottles and the packet of beverage is gone within a day!

ok, enough of being all petty (incidentally, sweetie was rather "supportive" of my thoughts). Anyway, in the picture above, u can see that I'm cookin two dishes and taking picture all at once! I impress even myself! I thought of making this dish, thinking that it's simple. Home made Ngor Hiang or Pork and Mushroom pancake if you'd like. However, my dear sweetie carelessly threw away my beancurd skins which I bought at 830am and I had to make do with the dessert type from my local minimart. Along the way up, I bumped into two teens who were obviously holding on to plastic bags of glue. Those delinquents were obviously a little high on gluf sniffing. One of the boys hummed a tune and pretended to ignore me whilst walking down the stairs. The other however was stunned and stood by a corner, hoping I'd miss him. But, our eyes crossed and I could sense fear and revenge in his eyes (ok I might have been paranoid). As a responsible citizen, + fearing for my own safety, I called the nearby neighbourhood police post. I was extremely pissed by the assistance rendered. The officer who answered my call said he will put it in records and that the police will step up on patrol but no officer would be sent to check if the druggies are still there. I was appalled and reiterated that I saw those teens a mere 5 mins ago and that they may still be around. A life may be saved for all you know! Or lost, due to the officer's irresponsble act. It was only after my "advice" that he said he'll send someone down now. Whether or not he did is for him to know and for me to find out. Perhaps it's their protocol which needless to say is a senseless one! In anycase, HQ is definitely hearing from me soon!

Presenting.....The handmade Ngor Hiang (mushroom and pork pancake). It was easy to prep but the shallow cooking wasn't that easy. Took me a very long time to get it browned, perhaps due to the wrong type of beancurd skin. URGH! All Sweetie's fault. And he still tried to squirm out of the situation and denied that he threw it away when I questioned him! HRMPH
This was the vege which I used for the soup. It's called Gao Gei. Boiled with Ikan Bilis broth, it's known to do good for our eyes.
The plucking of the leaves was not an easy task. I was constantly pricked by its thorns!
Guess what was for supper on Monday? No prizes for guessing though....
Yup! It's the king of fruits-- DURIAN! Was at Cousin P's house after our wkly jog and two uncles bought durians. They gave me two which I "obligingly" brought home. Who was I kidding! I adore the fruit! I was over the moon when they asked me to bring it home!!! It was a real nice time catching up with uncles and aunties. Despite our age gap, they seemed to understand what I'm going through with mom and life.
Kawaii des neh?
Adorable Doremon cakes given to me by a student during CNY this year! Unfortunately it's been hibernating in my cupboard and today when I finally brought it out, it's Expired. :-(
Sis-in-law went Taiwan recently and bought me a few interesting stuff:
Now now, before you think dirty, it's just Chocolate! Trust those Taiwanese to come out with such a packaging! Talk about food porn! haha
Even the box is soooo enticing!'s good on this Saturday. Did not touch a book since morning. Am gonna lay in bed, with the cool air drifting out from the aircon vents and watch NEMO with my sweetie. Hope tomorrow will be another lazy day!