Revenge of the shopaholic

Monday, December 29, 2008

Shopping cures depression -- Truth or myth?
Firstly, there's not much of a depression per se, secondly, who really cares, shopping cures everything!

However, i think i'm getting overboard with my spendings. In times like these, I should not be boostin the economy with my own savings! These two months have been slow for me as it's the school hols. Though things are slow, the money is dwindling real fast! Sweetie went for a game of golf today and I decided to entertain myself with some shopping. been meaning to get a dress from Haji Lane, thus I made a trip down. Parking was a killer. waited for at least 15 mins before i found a spot 4 lanes after Haji Lane. They should really do somethin about the parking spaces over there. Anyway, under the sweltering sun, I strolled gracefully to my destination n phew! the dress I wanted was still available. Then, seeing that there's still time on my parkin coupon, I decided to head down to Skylight. The shop where I bought the adorable tissue box cover (sewn using the GOOD MORNING cloth). WRONG MOVE! Spent a bomb there on two shoes! They were absolutely adorable but I swore not to buy anymore shoes since my shoe spree at Malaysia (bought 5 pairs!!)

Moving along, since I was in the vicinity, I decided to pop by the Guanyin temple at Bugis to pay my respects. Been a long while and I think the Gods may have forgotten about me. The crowd was amazing. Parked at OG (couldnt walk there from Haji was simply too scorching)....parking fees was $1.20 per half hour! Insane. Had to take a leak and queued for 15mins before i got into an empty cubicle! Finally after arriving at the temple, it was another battle yet again.

Seeing that it was still early, I decided to hop on to Bugis Village to take a peek. I promised myself that it'd be a quick one, but shopping is never ending! I wouldn't have left if sweetie didn't call me! There were such great bargains there! loads of $10 deals! whoopie!!! but the stuff there were simply too mass...nothing much caught my eye except for a few Tees (there's this tee which I bought and it says "PHD in tokcockology" that witty or what?
U would think that after bugis village, I'd go home and be safe. WRONG AGAIN! the computer is always available for shopping 24/7! n my itchy fingers clicked on an order for OPI nail polish. Not one, not two but a possible whopping three! (still tryin to negotiate a good deal) Somebody just tie me up plssssssssssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!

This was the gorgeous red dress from MDS @ Haji Lane!The two adorable pumps from Skylight! Cute right??
This is rather random. I cooked Bo Bo cha cha on Xmas day for two parties -- 1) BBQ @ 3rd uncle's place (2) BBQ again @ cousin-in-law Jiakang's place.....Thankfully, everyone liked it. Especially daddy dearest and favourite uncle. They had two bowls each! Someone whom I dont know even da bao!!haha...the aunties @ 2nd venue commented that the sweetness was just nice (not too sweet)...Heng ah! this adds stars to my cooking report card! score points!