Malaysia RoadTrip 2008 -- DAY 5 & 6 @ Cameron Highlands

Saturday, December 6, 2008

It was quite a ride up Cameron highlands. It took us about 1 hour from the base of the hill right up. Along the winding way, I kept falling asleep. Motion sickness la! ya right. The plan was to check out various hotels and see what's best.

Nasi Ayam -- What we had before we hit the hills

Along the way, we passed by Cameron Valley. There was a little teahouse where we stopped for a good cup of teh terik! bought some green tea and strawberry tea too.

Strawberry cupcake. A little too sweet for my tastebuds

Here we are....5300 ft above Sea level at The Equatorial hotel

Scenic View along the way up the hotel

A nice 1 bedroom apartment, which comes with a living room that has a sofa bed, a TV with a remote that doesnt have batteries and a toilet flush that drips the whole night! URGH
The room wasn't fantastic either, but it's great to get fresh air. It was really great weather. Natural aircon!

What's for dinner? This piping hot steam boat!! on charcoal. YUMMY..a real treat on such cold weather .. also, the vegetables were all organic! Super healthy. what a change

Their sauces are to die for! I liked it so much, i bought three bottles of that dark brown sauce which was supposedly a mixture of garlic and oyster sauce. Perfect for frying veg! bought for mommy dearest and mil.

After dinner, we strolled down their Pasar Malam...there was an array of food stalls selling a wide variety of makan. FOOD AGAIN! how not to get fat!

This was the Malay form of "mi jiam kway"

CHar Kway TeowWe bought back heaps of foodstuff, including the famous RAMLY BURGER and stocked up on booze and had a feast back at the resort.

What a view from my balcony.

Deep in thoughts . AGAin!haha

What a see such lovely flowers! Hinted to sweetie that perhaps he could get mi a bouquet here since it's cheaper...he's always complaining that flowers are useless and overpriced. As much as i'd like to agree with him, i do find it touching to receive them. So far he has only given me two bouquets. The first officially being 6 yrs after courtship!! but his reply to it was that, if he were to gv me flowers, he wouldn't be so cheapo n just buy off the market on top of the hill! orrrhhh okie, i forgive him. :-)

Hit out to visit strawberry farm

Look at the strawberries!! too bad it's not in season thus we can't pluck them ourselves.

Strawberry tart. Nice. bought 6 back...gonna split with mil and mommy

Strawberry cheesecake for breakfast. Together with strawberry tea.

Visit to bee farm. OUCH

From Cameron, we headed downhill towards Ipoh for none other than Ipoh hor fun..but we ended up eating some other delights! The black noodles u see in the corner's actually their version of Hokkien mee! Go figure.
My fav dessert -- Gingko + Barley
Ipoh hor fun? not quite the same in SG
After lunch, we cheonged all the way to JB. At one time hitting a speed of 185km/h!! was trying my best to take a good shot, but the car was trembling tremendously! luckily never kena fine. Our frens in the other car wasn't that fortunate..haha
Our last meal before leaving favourite Bittergourd soup together with Hakka fried pork! YUM. ohhh did i mention we just had KFC like 2 hours ago? PIGS isnt it!? i had to keep takin sour plum to regain my appetite!

It was overall a good trip...and the company brought loads of joy to my life. Really get to see a different side to everyone. Hope we get to do this again. :-)
PS: FINALLY! I've finished blogging about the trip! Gosh! it's tiring
PS: More pictures on my facebook. (if u are interested)

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  1. Haha - just read all these - we ate like tons and tons and tons of meals!!! But yes, it was a great great great trip!