FREEZE by Tiger beer

Monday, December 15, 2008

Friends went for FREEZE organised by TIGER BEER. It's a form of viral marketing and participants have to "freeze" in an action eg pretend to hold onto a mug of beer and drink. They have to hold that position for 2mins. It can be in the middle of Orchard road. In fact, one friend had to freeze whilst pretending to withdraw money at the ATM machine. LAME can!!!hahaha the poor customers behind him were complaining. But unknown to some, the guy directly behind him was one of the FREEZING Cohort!hahaha....there was one fellow in the q who said "hey, why dont we just cut in and draw money since tat guy seems looney"..haha...For almost the whole day's work, the guys were paid $100...n free food @ the balcony and then catered buffet. Hmm..not bad la if you dont mind embarrassing yourself in the middle of town!
This was the free gift given by TIGER. There was also a silly looking toy like watch. I decided to share the light with my little fishies!haha

Gavin brought back a set of "ice cubes" for me. COOL RIGHT? u can put it into your mug of ice cold beer and it'd light up!