Jingle Bells Jingle Bells

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Ho Ho HO.......Merry Christmas everybody!Hope you guys are enjoying your public holiday thus far!Yesterday's party (first ever at our new crib) was a smash. HDB Princess Miss Melach brought along a mini ping pong set and we had a battle till the wee hours. It was sports day cum Xmas eve!

Ooooooooo....Appetizers -- Bratwurst Sausages with hot sauce (ok, this is the only dish i didn't make on my own. it was bought from Garden Slug at Telok Kurau Lor L...a nice cozy place to relax)

I even took the effort to make place cards.....very free hor?haha

First up: hot baked tomato Chesse mussels! Lovely!

2nd time trying to cook curry n finally! It's 90% successful. (i always think there's room for improvement , thus it will never be 100%!hehe)

Golden fried rice or what i like to call ORiental rissoto!haha (a combine effort of mine and sweetie's..he's fond of displaying his culinary skills in front of frens...so ok lor..let him fry lor). See how golden the rice is...haha..there's a little secret which i will not reveal. :-)...next to it is the Crockpot Honey BBQ Chicken Wings....Cooked to perfection for 4-5hours! So soft and yummy!

Terriyaki Mushrooms on skewers..the ang mos are always having such fanciful stuff on skewers..so i thought of this to entertain my guests.

What's for desserts?..YUMMY Durian Puffs & we also had gelato ice cream. Apparently according to one guy, it's fat free? Nah..i dont think so right? Ice cream will never be ice cream without fats
It was a gathering for the table tennis players. It's like watching the Olympics coz the ball is so fast on the mini table.Lots of Feng Tian wei and Li Jiawei's moves displayed!haha
My baby totally engross in his serve

National team manager Eddy, beating his opponent whilst on the phone!
We were still having our sports challenge at 2+am!

Wiiiiiiiiii Sports is Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! Fun! Boxing was really tiring....a good workout!

HDB princess and AHDS Jason having a battle

Some random shots taken at Sabrina's house last wkend. LOOK AT HER BOY!!! SO CUTE RITE?!?!?!.......she just had her 2nd kid....sigh...envious right? 29 and with 2 kids...n son so cute and smart (was rattling the story of CARS to us). She has everythin a woman dreams of -- great kids, nice condo, loving hubby, great career.......*moan*
Orhhhh....soooo adorable...he was giving us the "Meter" look. apparently Meter is this character in CARs. i think he likes to wink. haha...duh.