Malaysia RoadTrip 2008 -- DAY 3 & 4 @ Penang

Saturday, December 6, 2008

So many photos to upload for Penang! This is getting real tiring. but I'll perserve. Here you go:
Penang bridge -- 13+km long! Gosh! Before setting off from Genting, we had half a tank full of fuel....we underestimated and were trapped at the start of the bridge when the fuel was blinking EMPTY! To make matters worse, there was a terrible jam! 8 lanes become 2 lanes, how not to jam...u wonder why they build their roads like that! hmmmm.....Brake after brake, we were super worried that we'd have to push our car thru the 13km!
We made it! The first petrol station we hit after the bridge! PHEW! scared the shit out of us! Petrol was cheap! RM1.90 per litre!
hey...Penang has a Mustafa too! But it's a different one.

Penang is a place where Straits Settlement culture is still strong.

We checked in The Northam All Suites hotel. Check out the jaccuzi! This is life! Certainly needed to relax after First world (or should we call it Third world hotel!)

The toilet.....a luxurious retreat on its own.

Deep in thoughts
That's the swimming pool u are looking at! Overlooking the sea! Breathtaking!

Shoppin at Gurney Plaza. This time it's not's wine!

Food again at Gurney Drive. The famous Tourist place. The food was so so. Every 2-3hours we are always eating....gosh! PIGS

Some famous Penang delight -- Penang Char Kway Tiao; Penang Laksa; Wanton Mee; Oyster egg

The first night at Northam ended real late after two bottles of white wine. Luxury at its max, together with cheese wedges. Next morning, only sweetie, me and Jason were early birds. The rest were still in lala land.

Visited the famous Him Heang. Heard that the supervisor came from Gean Heang (not sure of its spelling). Him Heang can only be found in Penang and has no distributors. there was quite a crowd. Amazingly people were buying the tao sau biscuits by the dozens. N i mean boxes! One box has at least 16 pcs! It cost only RM5.80!

After breakie, we headed towards the famous Kek Lok Temple, which was next to Penang hill. Before we climbed up the hill, we obviously had to EAT. Again!
Penang Prawn Noodles. Nice. Soup was thick and a little spicy. Slightly different from Singapore. it had prawns (or should i say shrimps) and a hard boil egg.

Something I've learnt about Penang delights...their food are generally more sourish. Interestingly, their Penang laksa doesn't have that thick coconut feel and taste. Instead it's made of fish soup base and loads of assam. If you are into assam, u'd like it. If u like the Singaporean style of Laksa, u should order their curry mee. Also a savoury delight
Kek Lok temple (this is just part of it)

These are not rocks, they are turtles!
Felt really peaceful after meeting her.

Doing a part for the building of the temple. Having our name written on the tiles which will be used on their roof

Next we checked in the BAYVIEW RESORT. thinking that the beach would be a retreat, we gave up the luxurious Northam. MISTAKE. sigh..the beach was plagued with jellyfish thus we din go. Plus at Batu Ferringhi, there are loads of shops waiting to chop tourists.

Terrible service. at 730pm, the pool was to close and the pool boy insisted we returned the towels. 730pm! gosh. so early. I was lazing by the pool having my feet massaged for RM45 for 45mins whilst the rest were swimming. By malaysian standards, i tink RM45 is a little ex. But the guy was pretty frenly (n cute). He is from Parkistan...was telling me stuff about penang. learnt that to cook Bryani (indian rice), u'd need to take 3 hours! WOW!
Frontal view of Bayview
our room was overlooking these adorably cluster houses
Feeling super hungry (i wonder why)...we headed out and checked out the restaurants by the street. Apparently at 4pm you can't get a decent meal anywhere! Luckily, we managed to find this place which sells really good Indian food. I didn't know Indian food could be that great! Above is just one of the many dishes we had -- cheese naan

That's chicken Masala...goes really well with the naan
My Tandoori Chicken Pilau...aka rice