Whipped up in a mere half an hour

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Yup, the following have been whipped up all in a mere half an hour (including preparation time and washing of the raw ingredients) I think i'm getting good at this!

Clockwise: Radish omelette; luncheon meat and cod fish (I finally mastered the skill of frying it without breaking its meat)

ooo..this is sumptious isnt it? It's a last minute idea to cook dinner together after our spa last wkend. Look at what a spread I've cooked for two!
Clockwise: Oyster sauce vege (sweetie cooked this n was raving about it..but pls, how difficult can a few strands of veggie b?); Radish omelette (again...but I like it!); Herbal chicken thigh (it's delicious! All it took was 20 min of steam); and finally the star of the night -- Herbal Prawns! (the soup was so tasty, we drank it all!)