A heartwarming cheap family dinner

Friday, October 31, 2008

It's been a long time since mom and dad had dinner with me. Thus since I was free, I decided to invite them over for dinner. Initially, mom wanted to go for some church service whilst dad said he had some project scheduled to complete that evevning. I wasn't too happy and threw a girlish tantrum. Next day, daddy dearest called and said he rescheduled and was able to come!! Mom was excited that daddy wanted to come, and said she didn't want to go church that day too! yeepee.

But Stress la! last minute where should I get my ingredients. So i popped down to Sheng Siong at Bedok and I was in for a surprise! The stuff there are Sooooo fresh! The fish which were laying on the table were still flipping and tossing; The prawns had wriggling legs and the frogs were still croaking! (i kid u not! they were live frogs!); there were also crabs...wanted to buy them, but reckon my parents wont enjoy coz daddy's teeth ain't strong anymore and mom has a 101 things on her list which she can't eat. So i bought a nice fresh red snapper and some other stuff and whipped up a simple meal. They were very happy and I was realli touched too coz daddy drove all the way from Jurong to my house for that meal (his project was at Jurong and he didn't tell me!)....awwwww...what a nice dad I have!

Knowing that mommy dearest was coming this Friday, I decided to buy the famous Choc Fudge cake from Jane's Station @ Jalan Kayu. It's a great cake. Not too sweet. N the coolest thing was Jane only sells Chocolate cake and durian cake! I was lucky they had a small 8inch left that day. Cost $30. Worth it coz even my sweetie liked it (he kept saying he hates sweet stuff..ya right! He ate like half the cake!)
The ever famous Chocolate Fudge cake from Jane's Station
This was the spread I whipped up for dinner with my parents. Daddy really enjoyed the steam red snapper and mussels. Mommy on the other hand enjoyed the herbal chicken and veg. Proportion was just nice as everything was gobbled down within a couple of minutes!

The clams cost $1 and mussels was only $1.30. Vegetables was $1.30 and super fresh (still flipping when i bought it) red snapper cost only $3! ...chicken was about $4. U can never get such good deal if you were to eat out!