Happy Wedding Anniversary baby!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Can u believe it, it's our wedding anniversary already! Time absolutely flies! We've been married lawfully for 2 yrs n customarily for 1 yr. Amazin right? I keep thinking that I'm still in my honeymoon stage. However, with work on my back, I did not even realise that 14 October was TUESDAY! omg! A chat with my sweetie and I realised he knew it's Tuesday but dont know what to get for me. Thus i suggested going shopping together. Went on Monday, but nothing caught our eyes. Wanted the Canon Powershot E1, but it's bulky. kawaii but much bulkier than my SONY cybershot.

Woke up looking forward to the day. Felt like it's my wedding day (ok that's a little exaggerated). Made reservations at INDULGZ Tried it out since Xiaxue raved about it. Took up the Lover's Package which I felt was a little overpriced for that sort of Bistro Ambience. I felt the Blue lobster offered better pricing and good food too. But but but, at Indulgz, the service was fabulous. Really attentive. The waiter Joseph deserved the tip that sweetie gave. N did I mention there's no GST? well yes, great service from that kid! Anyway, let the photos do the talking:

Check out the deco they did. Well if you are paying $188+ for the package, it had better be romantic!
Awwwww...so sweet!
While sweetie was finding a parking space, (it's so horrid to find a space, we almost parked on the double yellow line next to a fire hydrant!) I read this. I think it's time i indulge myself!!!!!
This is so interesting. They wrote our menu on a mirror! cool!
yeah! I've got a rose!haha
This is so cool. Using a white wine bottle as a pitcher. I think I should do this at home too!

Slurp. Crab Chowder. Not bad, not that Crabby, but alright la. The best seafood soup is still the lobster bisque I had at The Flamingo @ Las Vegas. That was awesome! Out of this world! but US$12 for a bowl of soup la.
Mushroom soup with truffle. NIce till sweetie wanted to lick the bowl.
Two to share On the dish: Mash potato; Slipper lobster (3 pcs) + seared scallop; Rib eye steak (for him) and squid salad (interesting) What was not too flexible was that we could not have the same soup and initially we could not have both the lobster and the beef. Perhaps it's in the same expensive category. After some "negotiation", we topped up $8.50 to have the perfect set.

Angel. Some cocktail with Bailey's as base.
Homemade lemonade. My Chocolate Fondue. YUM!
Enjoying my mashmellow!It sure doesn't feel like 10 years! So is this the 1st or the 2nd or the 10th anniversary? hmmm
Ending off the night nicely.