Things to do!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Finally. A day of total rest. But since last night, i've been trying very hard to think of what I should do. There's a 101 things to do actually:
1) Throw throw throw (i did a really good job at recycling all the papers from my huge pile of files...2 big bags. That's not enough unfortunately. Students have been passing me books! It's such a waste to throw.

2) Donate. I seriously need to look into clearing my wardrobe for new stuff. I'm still whoring around on Internet shopping. recently, even my hubby is hooked onto it! He's ordered some golf stuff from the States. I needed to order my Bobbi Brown Foundation from states coz it's no longer in stock in Singapore. In fact, I've been ordering fm States so often, that when I finally went to Singapore's counter to ask for a bottle, they looked at me like an alien. Why? BECAUSE they have stopped importing that since eons ago! (at least 3 yrs!) Has it been that long since I left Estee Lauder? hmm...Anyway, I ordered via, the invoice for shipping charges came in n guess what? it's gonna cost me a whopping $34+!!!! just for shipping! THat's ridiculous!. Claimed that the box is 30cm long and weighs 3kg, but halloooooooooooo, my little foundation pot is only 5cm and 30ml. How heavy can a 30ml get? furthermore, I've bought it via Vpost before, and I dont recall it being so ex! in fact a check revealed that i paid onli $13.48 on the last shipment! RIP OFF! Is the economy over in America so bad that they have to go overboard with their postage charges!!? I'm so gonna question them!
Anyway, back to the topic sentence for this point. Donate. Still not sure what to clear and what to keep. My stuff are seriously all very new. Selling them online don't seem to be working that well. It's either people these days dont dig into second hand stuff or they simply think my stuff sux. I like to think that it's the former. :-)

3) News paper articles. In preparation for my new venture, I need to prep several worksheets and lesson notes. Unfortunately, I've been procastinating.

4) Website -- targetted to launch by December. I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE by then!

5) Sort out my 2009 schedule. Already enquiries are coming in. I dont know if I should accept. STRESSful

Ok, i guess these are the things on my objective list. Hopefully this holiday proves to be fruitful.
by the way, so upsetting, my KK trip might have to be cancelled! Coz sweetie's company's trying to cut cost, thus all internal trips are to be cancelled. There's still a chance, so i'm keeping my fingers cross.


  1. i love shopping online too. but sometimes the shipping is way too much. For eg, i ordered two costumes for a party, the shipping cost was USD$96!! The costumes cost about USD$110++, so the shipping is almost 90% of the costumes!! :(

  2. I absolutely agree that shipping is a problem! Especially if you are buying something which no one is interested in ie can't join any sprees. Am still waiting for the post office to reply on the shippin charges for my small little bottle of foundation. I'm so gonna flip if they are gonna charge me $30+ shippin charges for that small little 1oz bottle!