Peaceful Weekend

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Finally, PEACE. For the entire year, i don't recall having a wkend as "quiet" as this. With the PSLE and most Secondary schools done with their exams, the quiet season is hitting in early this year. There's pros and cons. Afterall, I worked real hard.
So i decided to give myself a treat. a COOKING treat! Whilst the guys were playing mahjong and my baby snoozing away, i prepared the feast.

Nice right? My first attempt in cooking chicken curry! Not bad! not bad at all. Though it's not the same as what mummy cooked, I think i did pretty well. A little too starchy due to the potatoes though, but otherwise, it's nice. The boys liked it :-). But the highlight of the feast was my sotong you tiao. YUM. Comes alon with homemade salad cream (All i used was some mayo, vinegar and sugar. DIdn't have salad cream thus had to improvish); The kangkong was a little too hot for our palates. THank goodness there's a bowl of good soup ie. Old cucumber soup.
Another dish - 大葱蛋 (big onion egg)
Saturday came and went. Sunday crept its way in. The first thing I thought when I woke up was: would that woman call me at the last minute again to go pick up her stupid compos? (actually I'm the stupid one, marking for her whilst she's earning the bucks...dont worry, my time will come). Anyway, indeed the sickening woman's secretary called at 11am n told me to go down before noon to collect the scripts. MAD or what? always like that, take for granted. I have a life, unlike her! No wonder her hubby dont want her and ran away with another woman. Well, I should not be gloated over people's grief, and at times I dont know if i should pity her or salute her. She's definitely one strange woman who earns her greens. Anyway, the day progressed and guess what? I Did not step out of the house except to buy eggs in the evening! For lunch, baby had a burger whilst I had instant noodles (not very healthy, but seriously too lazy to go out for food); Then i thought after his soccer game, we can go out for a romantic dinner at a local kopitiam, but sweetie called and said he anted me to cook, he wanted to enjoy a simple meal with me. So sweet hor? (sweet or lazy!haha) down I went to grab some raw vege and yong tau foo. I'm super amazed with the provision shop downstairs la, it seems to have everything one needs! And there you have it, in the picture above, u'd see the simple meal I whipped up in 20mins.
Oyster Cai Xin + Yong Tau Foo Soup + Big onion Egg (Fu yong dan)