The hub's traveling stints

Saturday, April 19, 2014

I really should get to sleep. Well I did prior to this, whilst making Lil K sleep at 830pm. However, like clockwork,  I shocked myself awake at 11pm, appalled that I've yet to take my dinner. cooked but have not eaten. yes. life is such. The day started bad.  With me being emo. blame it on the raging hormones n a text received from the hub that he has an impending trip due on the 3rd week of delivery n will arrive back in sg on the morning of the tentative full month party.  my greatest worry came true. This was exactly what happened for no. 1's party. I had single handedly coordinated n diy a great deal.  This wasn't quite the problem.  problem was I'm very strict with my confinement and didn't step out of the house.  Thus I had to beg people to help.  okay mayb too strong a word but definitely troubled heaps of people to do the leg work n help with collections. Not forgetting the fact that I diyed the gift boxes comprising of cupcakes baked by my cousin, ang ku kway and red eggs done by my mil and packaging and all other simple party decor done by me. I think sometimes I'm just out to torture myself. In addition,  the worse bit was coordinating the guest list from the in laws side.  It was a nightmare the last time and I had a meltdown and the blues coz of it. They couldn't give me a number n claimed that they don't need to invite any relatives but ended up inviting and needing boxes of cakes from me at the eleventh hour!

You might now say that I should just make it simple and just outsource. Well Firstly,  do u know by doing all these I've saved quite a bit? Secondly,  I can't be shortchanging no.2 right?  In fact,  I'm determined to give no.2 as much as I did for no.1. ok. Go ahead and laugh at my ambitious goal.  But at least I'm gonna try.
so ok, the day was emo n due to a cancellation,  I decided to give myself a treat and headed to Nom Bistro @ Mac pherson Community Club. strange place to venture for food isn't it? I needed time out to cool my mind.  I can't help it that the hub needs to fly.  I'm frustrated n very worried how things will pan out with no helper, limited help and soon, two in tow.  Whilst everyone is taking the chill pill, I'm a worry pot. Doesn't help that thereafter a certain someone came asking if I was good and started preaching me about getting a maid and outsource things and even consider staying at home to look after the kids in order not to miss their childhood Cox they r only young once. made me sound like a bad mum who seemd obsessed with material possessions. wow. heavy. coming from a non-mummy and single non-working class,  I'm sorry, as much as I appreciate the thoughts and advice,  it really got me more vexed. especially since after explaining she's still adamant and opinionated,  I see no pt in continuing the conversation. honestly,  unless u are in a similar position, u really have no credibility to comment as well-meaning as u may be.

So yeah, I headed to NOM Bistro, only to realise that I didn't have a single parking coupon.  thankfully,  there was a 7-11 nearby.  But alas!  I didn't bring my cards n had limited cash.  embarrass much! thankfully I managed up dig up my coins n gather enough to pay.  Next, lunch.  No cash,  no card,  how an I to eat? just when I thought all was lost n I had to head home on an empty tummy, I recalled that the hub had left his credit card in the car!  yeah!! my knight in shining armour! at least he is doing something right despite not being in town!  The day didn't end up being that bad afterall as I've finally got my rainbow cake fix. :)

from left: salted caramel rainbow slice (too sweet), clam chowder (slightly salty) and eggs benedict (eggs not well poached and ham slices look insincere)

overall: ambience was simple and calming coz of the white furnishings; service  was good but food wise they've goto try harder. 

PS: For those of you who think that i'm all whiny coz the hubs is not going be around just for that period, FYI, the hub is a slut in the air. Yup, Singapore sometimes ends up as his transit point. His notice for the family can be a mere 24hours at times. This is extremely trying when it comes to child caring arrangements. And sometimes within a month, we'll probably only see each other for a 2 weeks? Even then, the communication is lacking coz mostly we'll be either busy with work or the kid. Lil K has grown up with such arrangement that she now gets confused which continent the father is in. And mostly she thinks that daddy takes the plane to work everyday!

PPS: This bit added on Sunday 20 April 2014:

Conversation between Lil K and I.....
Lil K: Mama, I want to take aeroplane go to Japan

Me: y Japan? 
Lil K: no mama, I want to take aeroplane to thailand to look for papa here we are. . Though we couldn't just hop on n fly but, close enough.

Daddy, where are you? :(

Really nice to be chilling with my bub though she was climbing up and down, taking her shoes off and puking milk on the floor.


  1. Hihi. I think we are in similar shoes cos my hubby is out often and sometimes at short notice too. Just that urs goes in the air and mine under water. There were times when he returned after weeks of sailing all rugged and unshaved, my girl just looked at him as if he were a stranger in the house when she was about K's age. Sad, but she soon got used to the notion of Daddy going off to sea. I hope things work out for you for the full month ok, I know what yoy mean but not wanting to shortchange the lil one and at least try ur best. Somehow, things will work out k? You can do it. Ganbatte ne!

    1. Thanks Summer! I think it's the xian bit that he isn't ard.. Not so much to help do the deco or craftings or ordering coz he won't! I know I will be able and must pull it through. Just probably need a lot of online support! haha..

  2. :) My hubs travel at short notice frequently too. Soon, he'll be posted to Indonesia permanently and we're not going for many reasons. I went through a hard time as well, when he first started travelling but soon learnt that to take things as they come and handle them. We stay with my inlaws for now and its tough not to have him around to talk to, laugh with and manage things, especially when I'm unwell and still have to cook, clean, bathe and take care of everything, we miss my hubby terribly as well. I found it great to be able to speak with a few girlfriends when I'm down or feel drained.

    Hope you're feeling better now, good luck on the full month party, if you need help or contacts, I can try to help! :)

    1. Hey babe, thks so much for sharing. It's really tough that the hub isn't around. not so much for the fact that we can't cope with things ard but i think it's more of the emotionally balance. Then again, with all the parenting strain, it'd be nice to have an extra pair of hands. The good (i hope) thing is that u are staying with ur in laws, thus at least u have some help. I hope ur hub's stint in Indonesia isn't for too long n hope that u guys can work out something to be together physically as a family.