Sniffing and Coughing on CNY

Saturday, February 1, 2014

I don't get it. Whilst everyone else was happily preparing to usher in the year of the Horse, I was and still am taking care of a very whiny and clingy sick 2yo. Since last Sunday, Lil k had had the fever. it's like a roller coaster ride and I'm sure it's every mother's nightmare. Waking up in the middle of the night to sponge her and to take her temperature is the least to say. We went to the PD prior to CNY and were prescribed some antibiotics. Upon completion, her fever was still random and now it's the cough. Great. just great. I thought and was furiously boasting that I'm the strongest in the family. The hubs took ill the week before before Lil K but alas, I'm sniffing furiously and coughing like a broken recorder as I blog. So Why am I not resting when I should? I CAN'T! Being in a sitting up position seems to ease the congestion and I've stopped sneezing. The moment I lie down, the sinus headaches and everything else comes back. 

So here I am, googling on natural remedies on how to rid that. Am so gonna do the following:

Stay clean as much as you can. 
Take care to be as clean as possible while you have the flu; it will help you fight the illness as well as reduce the risk of it spreading.

Take vitamin C.  
Since my daily diet (which at this moment is highly packed with junk food and bah kwa - yes i know, i'm trying to cut down but it's once a year you know!) is terribly un-nutritious, am gonna get myself those 500mg tablets! 

Steam orange with salt. 
Ok was told that i shouldn't be taking oranges due to the cough so am not quite sure if this would work. But many people have sworn by it so I'm gonna try!

Step 1: Wash then soak an orange for 15mins
Step 2: Create a cap and sprinkle some salt on the flesh
Step 3: Prick it and mix the salt
Step 4: Cover and steam for 15minutes
Step 5: Eat and drink the juice

Plenty of rest
This is definitely on my agenda but it's not an easy one to execute. Not when Lil K still wakes up once or twice in the middle of the night for her dream feed and the Daddy has selective hearing towards his daughter's cries. But yeah, i'm gonna try harder to rest whilst I can, even if it means to sleep in an upright position!

Here's wishing everyone a Healthy Horsay 2014!!!