My special Valentine's Day at A for Arbite

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

The hubs has been travelling a whole lot since the beginning of 2014. Ok, to be fair, since CNY. It has been his 4th trip thus far i think and the most recent one saw him packing up for KL for a week and calling up on Thursday to say he's arriving back on Friday but leaving at midnight again for Japan! I've a stewardess as a husband! Geez!

So he has missed Vday What's new. In fact, even if he's around, he doesn't shower me with extra love or surprises. He doesn't give chocolates (thank goodness I would rather have ba kwa over sweet stuff now). He doesn't buy me flowers. Think to date I've only received 2 or 3 bouquets from him, including the one used for our wedding! Well, in all honesty, I'm not too big on flowers. Though it'd be really nice to receive my favourite blue roses, it's really quite silly to spend that kind of money on a day of commercial exploitation. So i said," My dear, you are DARN LUCKY!"...his reply, " that's what makes our vday so special!". -_-. Indeed, it was really special. This year's Valentine's day coincided with the last day of the Lunar New Year. Thus we went over to his granny's place to have dinner with his extended family. Mind u, there weren't big fish and abalone this time. It was their traditional "thunder tea rice" ie. 雷茶. Essentially, tea rice is about herbs, vegetables, tofu and more vegetables. Yup, it's vegetarian! It is low fat, low cholesterol thus ideal if you are detoxing or doing some kind of weight management. All of which I was not! In fact, again, I would rather MEAT anytime right now. But the extended family precedes our lovey dovey time, if any. Almost immediately after dinner, we left coz Lil K was tired and restless. Headed home, made her sleep. He packed and left. Yup, that pretty sums up my Vday.

The mood wasn't dampened just because the hubs wasn't in town. In fact, i was determined to make things fun for lil K and I. So we headed to A for Arbite at Aliwah Street. 

"Arbite" is actually "work" in german. In fact, their philosophy is Work Hard, Live Well. Something which I hope to instill in my dictionary as well. I'm still working on it. Anyhoots, the place is creatively decorated with a big chalkboard which features stuff that aren't on the menu and the whole ambiance resembles that of a school. Well almost. It is nicely peppered with lego bricks at its counter and the nicest bit, they provide a jar of Lego and stacker toys for the lil one to play while mommy chills! How nice is that! Only problem, some of the Lego bricks were previously glued together, thus wasn't stacking really well. Nevertheless, Lil K had fun!
This really entertained her for long! hmm wonder why she can't sit still to play whilst at home.

Truffle Fries but can't quite taste quality Truffles
My Egg Benedict

The bff's French Toast. Really pwetty!

Kid's Meal. Quite a good portion but pity Lil K only managed to finish the eggs and sausage and a wee bit of bread. Good by my standards.

There was an Aliwah Arts Centre next door but it wasn't the usual centre filled with exhibitions. instead, there were several dance studios, so nothing interesting.

Between the bff and I, we had French Toast, Egg benedict, Truffle Fries and a kid's meal for Lil K. I wasn't too impressed coz the egg bene was too lemony for my liking and the truffle fries wasn't quite up to standard either. The bff found her French Toast to be pretty nice but after a while she got sick too..coz it was too sweet by her standards. Thereafter, we wanted desserts and ordered Edith Mess. But we waited and waited and probably coz of the lunch crowd, it took an awfully long time and after a 15mins wait, we cancelled the order coz Lil K was restless. Nevertheless, I was really glad how coorporative my lil bub was and how understanding that mommy can't carry her at the moment. She walks 99% of the time and repeats incessantly that mommy can only carry her when sitting. What a darling. I'm truly blessed.

Right after lunch, we headed back home, but alas, her nap didn't last more than half an hour! in other words, I got no rest as well. I was knackered max but somehow, the optimism in me that day kept me going and we managed to do some crafting and I got my mountain of laundry folded! Trust me, that's really a feat coz it has been there for 2 whole weeks! The excuse -- I was sick! Truly i was but since I'm better now, I had better buck up! Coz time is really running out! i didn't realise that I'm already in my 24th week and that we have approximately 3 more mths before things really gets into high gear. I've been taking things as it is, one day at a time and telling myself there's time. But now, i'm really getting a tad anxious. There are tons of stuff I've yet to organise and many friends I've yet to meet up. I really don't know how things are gonna be like with two kids and a travelling husband plus minimal family support. Not forgetting work. I've not even plan for child care -- something we are all assuming that the MIL will help in. I honestly don't wish to bother and rely on family coz lessons have been learnt from no. 1 but family is afterall the best. However, these few months have been excruciatingly painful with the lack of initiatives and lack of concern. It's really different having no. 1 and no. 2 and I'm quite puzzled. In the past, no matter how late I return home, at least once or thrice a week, i'll have a thermos of soup on my dining table waiting for me. And at times, a tupperware of dinner as well. Homecooked no less. However, since the beginning of this pregnancy, there had been none. No special soup for me let alone special delivery of the homecooked tingkat. Something's amiss but i can't quite point a finger to what. Last minute requests and let downs have been one too many and even the hub who is constantly depending on his mom has come to realise that all might not be as rosy. Perhaps it's due to the fact that her DD is not feeling at best with regards to health. N though nothing much she can do about it. Psychologically I suppose she's not up to looking after her DIL. And afterall, blood is thicker than water so which mom wouldn't be anxious over their kid? Oh well, I shall rant and move on! Afterall, I'm a fighter and believe I can do it!! errr Right?