Valentine's Week Homeschooling

Monday, February 24, 2014

So the hubs wasn't in town during Vday. Big deal. I wasn't gonna dwell in my misery whilst he was having a great breakfast on the 54th storey of some hotel in Osaka overlooking some Ferris Wheel. Valentine's Day wasn't quite over for us. I was determined to make it more memorable for the babe of my life. So the below were what we did over the last week base on the Valentine theme.

Our DIY Shichida Material. Blowing activity.

See how focus how Lil K is?

The result -- Paint Resist Art! Was very satisfied with the outcome and Lil K not only gotto get her hands messy with the paint, we were also doing our literacy education!

The lil one was bugging me for more painting the next day. Yes literally bugging and pulling my legs, not allowing me to enjoy my breakfast! So I quickly grabbed what I've cut out with my Cameo the night before and hey presto! Stencilling!
PS: Ops, you've heard me...i've gotten myself a new toy! The Silhouette Cameo. Have yet to totally explore and have no time for scrapbooking though i've been meaning to do one since I got married. But hey, I'm pretty sure this machine will serve me well in our homeschooling exploration.

Tissue paper art. Lil K had to crush pieces of coloured tissue, spread glue on the hearts and paste the little tissue bits. She enjoyed every moment of it and I was very encouraged.

Thereafter, I left her to her own devices and she was happily applying glue on the newspapers! Turns out that this was more fun than the rest! haha

Being a rather right-brained person, I really enjoy creating stuff for my child and allow her to learn through play. Afterall, below the age of 6 is when the right brain thrives. In fact, they peak by the age of 3! Gulp! am running out of time. ok no pressure no pressure. Am actually feeling awfully guilty for not doing enough with Lil K. There are just times when I beg her to simply play with her lego or her puzzles, but she'll end up feeling restless and bugging me for more! That actually render me more breathless. But am feeling like a whale these days and sleeping late to prep materials isn't best for me. Seeing her enjoy the stuff I've prepared for her and getting compliments over FB (ok i'm narcissistic, so what?) really encourages me. However, am very anxious that I've around 3 months to get my homeschooling materials organised. At least half a year's worth? That is amidst other stuff of course. And trust me, I'm not exactly the most organised person around. Ha ambitious/ Kiasu much?

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  1. WOW! Pretty! I like it! May do something similar with my girl! Thanks for the idea!

    1. Glad to share!! it's really tiring to be preping such for the little one but it's rewarding!

  2. Thought of getting one. But cant justify as I have similar tool lifestyle craft machine. I also uses my scrapbook tools for homelearning.

    1. haha...i had to hide it from the hub until finally one day he realised there's a new gadget (ok it's quite hard to hide!) i'd better use it for homelearning lest he nags!