Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is terrible! ! It's day 14 of the new year and I've yet to post a thing! !! Where has all the time gone? I'm always puzzled ever single day. well, better late than never. I guess when you have a 2yo and another bun in the oven,  you can't help feeling exhausted every single day! It's no joke.  With lil K hitting two,  suddenly the world has turned upside down!  Her focus level has dropped and I'm constantly having to watch over her,  worried that she'll fall off the table and what not.  On top of that, homeschooling took a backseat coz I was simply too tired to prep that many activities for her. imagine,  we've to change activity every 5-10 minutes!
Oh did I mention that there's a bun in the oven?  yup! u heard me right.  I'm in my incubation period and hybernation (1st trimester) was just over!! That is the primary reason for my MIA on cyberspace. It has been tremendously trying. Help from nearby want quite within reach and year end long haul business trips for the hubs had been fast and furious! He could be gone for a stretch of 2.5 Wks, back hm for a bit and leaving on a jet plane again within  24 hours.  At one pt he merely came home to take a different luggage and off he went to another destination. The first trimester hasn't been easy though I think comparatively I was puking much less. But less doesn't equate to none.  I had no appetite much less to say and whatever I ate it just messes up my guts and spills out thereafter. There was no favourite food and even if I had the cravings,  there were no deliveries for them.  but thankfully empress dowager has been fussing over me,  cooking lunch for me daily and getting daddy dearest to deliver to me from one end of Singapore to the other.  Touched max! because of them,  i an much better now and constantly ravenously hungry.
So, I'm back! ! err I hope haha.. seriously there are so many milestones to record and things to pen down but there is just that lil time.  with my nesting instincts kicking in,and with lil K in N1 (will blog about that separately) it's worse! I've been rendered breathless! But things r getting into a routine and we are settling well so let's up I can keep up with life's pace and have a fantastic year ahead!
2013 has been a tumultous year for me.  with me sinking into the dark abyss. Thankfully God gave me strength n hope to go on.  Through this stellar period,  I've got to better know the people around me and am particularly grateful to the hubby who showed me the light at the end of tunnel and flew back on plane for 20hrs to be by my side.  was touched by the many kind gestures from people i don't even know! i will never forgot how a gp of mummies I've never seen dispatched a hamper filled with love during my darkest moments. all these made me stronger and hope finally came.  my prayers are finally answered.  the lil blessing has been bestowed to me. I have braved through this wave and know that the worst is over.  Here's to a great 2014!! Cheers everyone!  xoxo