The best long wkend yet

Sunday, June 2, 2013


It was the Vesak Day weekend and I'm always thankful for long weekends when the hub is in town. Love it when we get to do things as a family. Sensing that my mood swings are still prevalent, the hub has put in subtle efforts in cheering me up. Starting with a nice breakie which he claimed he would make but he did not coz he overslept. So to redeem himself, he brought us to Gardens by the Bay. It was our virgin visit and Lil K enjoyed herself tremendously. It was timely too because we are on the letter F and F is for flower! what better way than to expose her to nature and see the real thing.

It wasn't difficult to find the place. Initially we wanted to hop on the MRT and get off Bayfront station, but decided against it when we had to pack to many barangs including the pram. Parking was a bit tricky as most were occupied. Fees were pretty reasonable. $12 per tix for adult should you wish to visit one dome and we were given extra 10% discount because of our SAFRA card. There was a snakelike queue that day. Seems like the fuss over this new attraction isn't quite over yet. But the queue cleared very swiftly. 

This was at the entrance of the cloud forest. An extremely refreshing and cooling respite! The aircon was powerful too and for a moment we were hoping the whole of Singapore could be air-conditioned!

F is for flower....F F Flower!

Lil K having a whale of a time playing with the mist
Love the view and the structure
Happy family of three + the BIL. Lil K was able to identify all our shadows.


We wanted to laze around at home today, but decided we should bring the lil one out for some water play. It's been a while since we did that, so off we went to Vivocity! We braved the crowds and luckily, we found a spot.

Lil K's diapers were all soaked but yet she refused to get out of the water.

 DAY 3

Advance birthday celebration for the hubs. I decided that since I'm still on "confinement", we shouldn't do the regular seafood or steak. Instead, I treated the hubs to a good brunch at Wild Honey. This place is known for it's queue but surprisingly, it wasn't that monstrous this time round. Perhaps because they opened new outlets. 

The hubs had the Norwegian Salmon Breakie

I had the Portobello Road breakie. They are all overpriced if you ask me. The hot chocolate I ordered was tremendously sweet for my liking and that small cup cost $6! The whole feast cost us over $60. hmmmm...would you pay $60 for such a breakfast?

The two loves of my life. The last 72 hours have been fantastic. Lil K's laughter is always oh so contagious and her antics are a blessing. She has learnt to say several simple sentences with guidance and I can't stop cuddling and giving her raspberries on her tummy these days.