Review: Philips ActiveTouch Garment Steamer

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Definition of Ironing = A MUNDANE CHORE

With sunny Singapore being sunnier than ever, to set up the board and start ironing is a nightmare. I used to be on top of chores like these but with an active toddler around, I can't have such dangerous activities conducted. Recently however, I had the luxury to test out the Philips ActiveTouch Garment Steamer. 

Came in timely as I had a mountain of clothes to clear. 


With the Garment Steamer, the arduous task was done in a fraction of the time! I kid you not. The special suction function delivered what it promised and was able to remove those creases easily. I did not need to bring my garment too near and it was able to "suck" it in for enhanced steam penetration! That has got to be the most amazing bit! The old school steamers don't have such function and one often has to pull and stretch the garment for near optimal results. 

I thought such gadgets only worked on delicate fabrics like silk and was unable to create pleats but the pleat making accessory did create that line which the hub has to have on his shirts! WONDERFUL! Lastly, you know how we are able to control the temperature for traditional irons? Well, the Philips Garment Steamer is able to do so as well so you can customize the steam output for use on different kinds of garments to prevent damage on your favourite dress. PURE GENIUS! Lots of marketing research must have gone into it.

In addition, because it came with a detachable hanging accessory, I'm able to steam my clothes at a height unreachable by the lil one. She might be screaming and shouting for attention, but I know that the steam won't get to her. Safety's always top on my consideration when the lil bub is concerned.

Ironing has always been our most-hated chore. Setting up the board is such a hassle. With Philips Active Touch Garment Steamer, I’ve just vapourized my mountain of clothes in a fraction of time, with minimal effort  


During this GSS period, Philips will be slashing their prices. The Garment Steamer will be going at a special price of $249 (RCP: $279).

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Disclaimer: I am participating in an event by Philips. All opinions are 100% my own. Results obtained from usage of the product may vary from person to person. Please do your own research when purchasing products as your opinion may differ from mine.

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