Review: Philips Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Friday, May 31, 2013

Cleaning the car has always been an arduous task for me. Mostly, I'll simply drive through one of those washing bays to get the car sprayed. That often doesn't last and things only look good on the outside but not the inside. I hesitate each time the hub cajole me to pay a whopping $12 for vacuuming services. So when Philips kindly sent me their Minivac Handheld vacuum cleaner for home and car, I was balled!

I have amassed a great number of vacuum cleaners in the past and this one certainly impresses me with it's lighweight and comfortable grip. The hub recently bought a ginormous vacuum cleaner which requires such effort in setting up it irks me. In fact, he's the only one using it. Men and their machines. 

This powerful 12V cleaner is in fact, it's so portable and light that lil bub was having fun walking around with it, attempting to help out with some chores. Training starts young and what better way with this home and car, bagless cyclonic airflow and aerodynamic nozzle cleaner! Such jargon! Basically, the airflow keeps the dirt inside rotating to ensure optimal, high suction power and lasting clening performance. Its 2-stage filtration system ensures that, once inside, the dirt cannot escape. The first filter blocks most dirt, while the second filter traps the finer dust particles. The aerodynamic nozzle design of the Philips MiniVac is created to ensure an optimum dust pick-up of even the most fine dust particles. the ergonomic shape of the nozzle helps you to clean even the most hard-to-reach areas. That's great stuff for a family where hygiene is pertinent.

I was pretty impressed with the wide array of accessories which came with this gadget. This includes a small and large brush tool, small and large crevice tool (very useful for those hard to reach corners!) and a long hose tube. I think they have outdone themselves with their attentiveness. All these knick knacks can then be kept in a storage bag and placed in the car boot to ensure that I have all I need to clean my car at any time! Now i have no excuse to have the interiors spic and span! 

No more cumbersome vacuum cleaners! this car vacuum is a dream with its unlimited electrical supply and intricate accessories. Now, I don't have to spend a bomb to have the car vacuumed. Keeping the car interior clean isn't that arduous anymore

With the GSS round the corner, Philips will be having a special promotion. Instead of the usual retail price of $119, it'd be going at $89!

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