Teaching the letter F: F is for fearless

Monday, June 10, 2013

Some time back, we were at the letter F and lil K certainly exudes F for fearless! On one occasion at her playgroup, there was an activity whereby the children had to pick some creepy and slimy creatures out from a basin of cornflour concoction. Lil K was the only one who was keen in the activity and daring enough to do it! The teacher even wanted to give her an award for bravery!

Anyhoots, apart from being focus on my recovery, I've been keeping my mind active by reinstating our homeschooling activities.

I made the little roses out of felt and used straws as the stems. All materials from Diaso!

Ta-dah! The end product! F is for flower!

Introducing Freddie the Frog! F is for Frog. this project is made using some printouts on construction paper. The activity requires lil K to polish her motor skills and glue on the parts onto the toilet roll. She was however more interested in fiddling with the glue -_-

Apart from all the indoor activities, a very good pal was in town with his family and we took the opportunity to have a family excursion to the SEA aquarium located at Resorts World Singapore (Sentosa). F is for FISH!

Step inside the S.E.A. Aquarium and discover the life in the ocean at the world's largest aquarium and maritime museum.  This window to the ocean gave us an insight to the magical marine. Lil K totally immersed herself in this blue planet. She was fascinated by the sights and it was a great interactive learning experience for her!

Bloop Bloop Bloop

We were so mesmerized by the jelly fish!

Lil K stunned us by saying the word "OCTOPUS" ok, she said something like Octopusus but it was close!

The elusive manta stingray from afar

The myriad of marine creatures (some endangered) was a feast for our eyes.

It was a long journey but lil K didn't seem to mind. She embraced herself totally in this marine realm and didn't sleep a wink! Money well spent! FYI, one adult ticket is going for SGD33. Imagine the whole kampong going! Woohoo! Inflation max!

Toddly Mummy