Milestone -- sentences!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Another milestone had been achieved! ! The lil one pieced together a short sentence when she saw the light on her new shoes going off : light no more! though it isn't grammatically correct,  I think it's so smart of her to piece the few words on her own!  She's been very chatty of late and instead of one word,  she's able to string two together. eg Baby B -- one of her favourites.

I believe girls have a natural ability to master language at a faster pace than boys but giving the lil one the right environment to excel is important too. I speak to her mostly in English while the rest of the family speaks in Mandarin. clearly i m outnumbered thus letting her socialize at English speaking playgroups is also a must! At times when I don't feel like talking (Trust me it is very tiring to talk so much at work n to come home having to talk to a toddler.  breathless!), I switch on the radio.
apart from these,  one of my homeschooling efforts are flashcards.  something which not all will agree but well it makes me feel that at least something is done.  I've been making those cards since she was an infant.  Not an easy task considering there's so many to Flash in a week. My recent efforts have in fact been BLAH,  namely due to work and health reasons.  Hopefully i m able to gain momentum again. lil k on the other hand has been looking forward to these sessions.  She sometimes brings me the cards and instructs me to Flash it to her.  How cute.

It's really quite easy to make those flashcards. I simply print pictures off the net according to themes and stick 'em onto A5 blank cards which I ordered in bulk. The following are themes which I've done:
  • Domestic Animals
  • Wild Animals
  • Sea animals
  • Things at home
  • Things in the kitchen
  • Things in the bedroom
  • fruits
  • Colours
  • Shapes
  • Parts of the body
  • Family members
  • Meals
  • Beverages
  • Sports
  • Vegetables
  • Musical Instruments
Gotto get my lazy bones untangled and get my act together again. Haven't been up to things when it comes to educating the lil one. guilty much.