Ways to keep a toddler occupied

Saturday, March 30, 2013

I have never felt more occupied since lil bunnikin's arrival. She's a pretty high need and lil sleep baby thus i've to frequently be by her side doing the things she's doing else she'll fly into rage. Lately, as she progresses into her 16th month, she's getting better and is able to sit and play by her own while I do my chores. That's about the only thing i can be doing as if i start typing away on my laptop, she'll be screaming for action. Thus, to juggle my work (which requires the lappy) and not to mention blogging, I've to constantly do it when she's asleep, which doesn't leave me with much time!

Anyhow, am constantly on the lookout for stuff to keep her occupied and boy do i need to put in effort in that department as the hubs will only sit her before the TV if i'm not around! URGH. Below are just some stuff we've been doing of late:

Clearly bunnikins has been mimicking me! Good start to good housekeeping! Now if only she starts putting back her toys!

K somehow has a penchant for toilets. She frequents our toilet, and lately, she's able to bring her potty out when instructed!

K's all time favourite! She can sit there for at least half an hour before walking around the house with sand (which i dread!). But yeah, love this Moon Sand as it feels like the real thing except that it's clean and can be recycled! I lay a plastic sheet to contain the mess. Afterwhich I often have to vacuum the floor!

Homemade Playdough
Am reluctant to purchase those oh-so-expensive playdoh sets @ Toys R Us, thus decided to make some instead! Turns out nice!
Play Dough Recipe:
1 cup white flour
1/2 cup salt
2 tablespoon cream of tartar (find it in the spice section)
1 tablespoon oil
1 cup water
food coloring

Mix first 4 ingredients in a pan. Add water and mix well. Cook over medium heat, stirring constantly, for 3 – 5 minutes. Dough will become difficult to stir and form a “clump”.  Remove from stove and knead for 5 minutes–add food coloring during kneading process. Play dough will keep for a long time stored in a covered plastic container or plastic sandwich bag.

DOT DOT paint!! bought it recently at a Spree. Bb K adores it and is always asking for more. Some ways of using it as shown below:

End product. Tree cut out from cardboard. BB K have been having endless fun peeling out the apples instead of sticking them! Somehow i feel the bluetack is more interesting than the apples! Anywayz, the tree can be recycled for other purposes too. Currently I'm using it to teach K the alphabets.



  1. I have been fearing the mess from play doh and have yet to let Aiden try it though he is going 26 months. Will probably start him on painting soon! Thanks for sharing and I will link up soon :)

    1. What i do is i lay a big plastic sheet on the floor (those that we used for wrapping books in the past?). at least that contains the mess and if really too much to clean, i'll throw the plastic sheet away. kids this age loveeeeee mess. Though it's a headache for me to see the mess and clean everyday, but a joy to see her being so engrossed! haha

    2. Ok! I will try that :) will link up my post with yours too.

  2. Hi Janice,
    I've finally managed to link up my post.
    Your linky html works! :)


    1. PHEW!! yeah!! Operation Linky Party SUCCESS! =)

  3. Wow, a whole bunch of interesting activities to keep her occupied! :) Love how serious she looks while she works!

    1. haha...yeah MamaJ, i've to constantly crack my brains for activities coz her attention span is not high. n yes, she's very focus once i've found the magic activity! BINGO! =)

  4. Love the apple tree and dot dot paint (btw where can I find those?)! We have a tree that is "in process too". :) I've linked my post on file folder games too.

    1. Hey Felicia, it's avail in the States (not sure where u can get 'em in SG though...probably some toddler arty shop in the Forum might carry them. I got them at a spree though. =)