Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Am feeling a tad overwhelmed and lethargic today. Perhaps it's the weather. The fireball has been amazingly fiery these days rendering me moody and lazy. Such a feeling usually creeps up on me over the course of a day, like a slow-rising tide. The thought of just taking a day off from things returns to lap the perimeters of my brain. I should be thankful and happy. I am. Just that with so much on my plate, i can't help but throw a hissy fit at times. I've been praying that this new year will herald an improvement in my life in all aspects, but each time a summon is issued (yes, got 3 within a week at different locations!), i can't help feeling that Lady Luck is not only failing to smile on me, but also glaring in my direction and slapping me around the face for good measure. 

Each time such a feeling ebbs in, i'll take a step back and reassess. We should be more optimistic says Nanz Chong-Komo, the famous entrepreneur behind One.99 Shop which grew from a single store into a SGD14million business! Her uncommon optimisim and courage in facing the setback when ONE.99 shop fell into liquidation due to the onset of SARS, and courage in facing this setback head-on made headlines in many publications.  I ought to learn from this mother of three!

As the saying goes, an idle mind is the devil's playground. Thus I'm always trying to keep myself occupied (too occupied such that i'm all over the place at times). Negative thoughts would cross my mind occasionally and I have entertained some of them, but i will not let them kill my dreams and dampen my hopes! One way of keeping my spirits up is to look at past and present pix of lil bunnikins!! Sigh...how she has grown!!
Love her standing hair!
Where did all her fats go? gosh! She's still wearing that same duckie romper at 16months old!
Miss my iphone!!! love the app Red Stamp! Wish they have it on Android!
Can't help laughing at this photo each time i see it! totally makes my day!

Just the other day, something amazing happened. I was walking home along the corridor one night at 9pm. at that same instance, lil k decided to stop having shadow play (a nightly activity with Daddy) and abruptly walked towards our main door, in the dark. As i approached my door, i could hear her anklet tinkling and thought it might have been my imagination but the moment i opened the door, she was there, standing with open arms, receiving me with the brightest smile, calling out to me "MAMA". BLISS. One may attribute this to coincidence but it happened before. The next day, whilst daddy was taking a dump, Lil K was hanging around. Thus daddy said "go find mama". Obviously, mama wasn't home from work yet. But yet she walked towards the door! The following day, she walked at that same hour to the door refusing to budge. Daddy had to open the wooden door and left her there, holding on the the gate, waiting for her mama. It is times like these my heart would melt and cringe in guilt.  Seeing my baby grow brings on the tenacious side of me! thank you for being in my life lil bunnikins! Mummy loves you!


  1. OH yeah I found another girl with the same standing hair as mine! Haha, I mean both my girls. The first one, her hair stood up till she was over half a year old. The second one, well, still standing as she's now less than 3 months. Nice to meet you through SMB!

    1. Hi Summer! Nice to meet you too! Something of interest which u may not know. incidentally, your hubs and I were JC classmates (mayb he don't recall..haha..i wasn't that high profile back then) and i'm friends with a friend of yours (jenny). Realised it thru FB and your blog! the world just got a tad smaller isnt it?
      Congrats on no. 2! HOpe i have time to keep up with this blogging business. m trying my best to instill discipline lest i forget all the milestones and happy times whilst lil bub is still this young. But it's so tough to keep up with the things on one's plate! Great blog u have there! very organised and inspiring! =)