Oh no! RIP my beloved tooth!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Following Monday's visit to the my favourite dentist @ Cityhall, my heart has been left unsettled. It was meant to be a regular cleaning session but I was in for a shock. Reason, she found that i've got a dead front tooth and had to get a root canal done asap! I've always thought such a procedure is for the older generation who don't take much pride in oral health. But i was bestowed this "honour"! If it hadn't been the fact that I signed BB k up for a research program, I wouldn't have thought i had a dead tooth. Apparently, the dentist at National Dental Centre saw some discolouration and ran an "ICE" test. I felt nothing on the tooth. Think that it was a good thing, coz afterall, sensitive teeth isn't a welcome feeling right? Well WRONG! i jumped the moment he did the test on the other front tooth. He suggested i do an xray on my next visit to my regular Dentist, which I did and Alas! After running another test, this time with an electrical current, it's official --- an autopsy is in order. The tooth is pronounced Dead! The electrical current was run on the tooth at an index of 64 and i felt nothing. Absolutely Nothing. To give you a better idea, a current of level 3 was run on my other tooth and I almost wanted to give the dentist a whack in the face! So I was advised to get it done asap to salvage the tooth and have scheduled for the op to be done on Friday. Great. A day before my best friend's hen's night. Hope i survive.

So what does it involve?
Root canal treatment involves the removal of the pulp tissues from the tooth in the event that it gets infected or inflamed. The pulp can be infected or inflamed due to either deep decay or an extensive restoration that involves the pulp; cracked or fractured tooth due to trauma; excessive wear of enamel and dentine exposing the pulp and sometimes as a result of severe gum disease.
Signs of pulp damage may include pain, prolonged sensitivity to heat or cold, discolouration of the tooth, swelling, tenderness of the overlying gums or a bad taste in the mouth. On the other hand, there may be no symptoms at all. If pulp inflammation or infection is left untreated, it can eventually cause pain, swelling and loss of the supporting bone.

That episode left me with a heavy heart because after all the hard work I've pumped in, money just goes down the drain literally. the estimated cost of a RCT starts from $800 and I don't think i can use my medisave to cover its cost. It's unexpected events like these that irks me! First it was the major flooding of my car last January (repairs amounting to $1k), then came a lost parcel which saw a deficit of $120. The latter paled in comparison of coz but still, it's hard earned cash! Now, this. When will the God of Fortune walk in? It really feels like Lady Luck is not only failing to smile on me but also glaring in my direction and slapping me around the face for good measure. I had been praying that the new year will herald an improvement in my fortunes, but i suppose i shouldn't be too optimistic, afterall, my zodiac is on the last amongst all the other animals. 

For some reason the nagging fear of the forthcoming RCT made me feel like strangulation was in session. Breathless. I came home early today only to see the house in a mess. The hub was home in the morning you see and you'd think the least he could do was to wash his coffee cup and breakfast plate? Nope. Everything was dumped in the sink as it it's an automatic dishwasher. Clothes are strewn all over the place and diapers were placed carelessly around. What's new. Each time I leave lil bunnikins alone with the father, the house will be in disarray. As if it isn't messy enough. Although I'm a disorganised person, I detest mess. Yes i know that sounds awfully ironic. I try to be as neat as I can, but truth betold, I'm probably hiding all the unwanted stuff somewhere. Heaps of paper piles up on my desk and I'll just shove it under my desk. Every sheet seems important and I can't seem to figure which to throw. Decluttering has always been an arduous process. You might think that given the advent of technology, organisation on the computer might be a tad easier. WRONG. I was just scrolling through some of my bookmarks and realised that heaps of them are no longer in existence! I ought to spend time deleting them and putting them in a more comprehensible manner. The mess extends to my life too. I find myself handling several stuff at one go. Multitasking used to be easy but now with a cluttered brain, it's getting a little cloudy. I try to pen down the stuff I need to do and strike it off once that's done. A sense of achievement when that happens. However, in my relentless pursuit of covering more grounds, I find myself leaving task A dangling whilst I embark on task B! tsk tsk.  

Am I alone on this? Anyone care to share your multitasking/ organising tips?


  1. You are definitely not alone in this. I think a mum faces issues like these all the time because we are expected to multi-task well. Clean the house, care for the kids, care for the husband, handle work commitments and the list goes on. I think the key is to prioritize. Decide on what is important and focus on those tasks, cos there are always endless tasks to work on! For me, if a task falls outside my priority list, I try to block it out of my mind and don't allow myself to be too bothered by it.

    1. ya society's norms even though things hv changed, the men n society r still MCP. in fact i just heard over the radio today that majority of the Singaporean men would prefer their wives to stay home or work part time. whilst women on the other hand wan to go out n work. Feeling a tad vex that support is weak. i try to block but sometimes things just has a way of getting out of hand.

  2. Don't beat yourself over it! I'm sure it's just a bad period which u are able to overcome if you don't give up. Jiayou u can do it :)

    1. Thanks for the encouragement Madeline. I think i'm always plagued with bouts of frustrations coz support is weak and i can't seem to stop dwelling. I always tell myself things happen for a reason and perhaps it's God's way of testing me but i wish the journey neednt be so uphill and that someone will hold my hand in all these. *sigh* I will do it. not coz i can, but I must!