Project: Declutter (again)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Didn't CNY just passed not too long ago? Strangely i had the urge to clear my wardrobe once again after being inspired by an article on this issue of Her World which suggests how one can sell one's clothes and other treasures. I can't imagine how one can amass such a collection of clothes! i'm still appalled by my inert ability to hoard. Many years ago, whilst still in uni, I ran an online business of selling stuff from bags to clothings. Things were going well with Yahoo Auctions still around. However, every since it's demise, I couldn't find another platform which could give me the same returns and subsequently,  I was too involved in dating and enjoying life that I left things as it was. Fast forward, i tried to sell my stuff once again online, but this time i realise it was a different ball game altogether. Competition was fierce! Blogshops were sprouting out and to survive, one really has to be seen and heard! Also, the effort put into these blogshops are massive! Photoshoot, models, shopping carts etc! Whatever happened to the good old measure-and-post ways? You really got to have good networking skills, a pretty face or bulk in order to engage models and conduct a proper shoot! So, the fire to sell died once again.

However, since learning about the S.M.B Buy/Sell/ Swap, it has rekindled my hopes! Yes, in case you missed the badge, i'm now officially on Singapore Mom Bloggers! Woohoo!! i reckon since the blog has slowly evolved into a diary to record lil bub's milestones and other family activities, why not hop onto the bandwagon! Was a tad shocked to see how many mommy bloggers are there! n wow, their blogs put me to shame! things are so organised in most. Whilst my labels are mostly go with the flow. This bad habit of not completing one thing and embarking on another thing has extended to my blog. The brain just can't focus keep still at times. And those mommy blogs have oh-so-nice layouts!! I'm a very aesthetic person and for years, i thought my theme was pretty nice, but yeah, now i think i might be inspired to revamp! We'll see.

Ops! see how i deviate again? Yes. Selling stuff. I'm not the sort who would stand for hours at some flea, so hopefully I'll be able to find new owner for my wears.

Time Check: 1am. Project Decluttering begins. Yup, I do crazy things after lil bub sleeps! That's the only time i get to organise things a bit!

I'm very anal about colour coordination and being organised. Pretty ironic when you know me better and see the way i handle other aspects of life!
Prior to CNY, I've cleared close to 4 big bags of clothes. And now, i'm still able to find stuff to clear! I haven't been ruthless enough. But *sigh*, every single piece seems pretty and some which seems too tight now might just find its way up my butt again someday! Clearly i'm in delusion once more.