What sort of male are you?

Sunday, March 29, 2009

They used to say that the metrosexual guy is the most attractive, then it was the alpha male..and now apparently there's some new category called the NEO male. Think Barack Obama...he's your new paradigm.

Was laying next to sweetie, hoping for some pillow talk, but instead, he told me about some goose pillow which was good! DUH. Anyway, I think he's an alpha male -- all ego and no capacity for self-reflection...typically plundered and mesmerized in his own world. We were having a discussion on lips. Thick or thin is more sexy? My take -- THIN...for guys that is. His take -- Thick for gals..else u'd have the "鸡脸" (think Jaclyn Tay)...Anyway, wanted to throw him the thought of what he'd like his kids to take after him, but somehow, the words just simply didn't flow. Perhpas I'm afraid of yet another disappointment/ rejection. All around me, friends are planning for a Tiger baby/ a cow baby...those friends are all guys, mind u, who take pride in extending their line...some of whom would go to the extent of consulting fortune tellers. I'm not in a hurry..to be honest, I'm financially not ready but yet, i'd like a plan. Where is this all leading?

Wish at times he's the neo male who eschews the trappings of vanity that preoccupied the metrosexual (not that he's vain though...he's rather sloppy most of the time). Unlike the alpha male, a neo male won't be afraid of showing his true feelings. ....I know at times, sweetie's afraid, very afraid, of the unknown...thus to protect his ego, he hides. It'd probably just to safeguard his "face".