Happy Birthday to ME!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Welcome to the club! Yes I'm officially XX. No wonder they say as u age, time just flies! Now I can totally understand that phrase! It was just yesterday that I was in uni/ jc....can't time wait for man for just a while!? GOsh. ok but instead of grumbling, I think we should embrace age. don't hide it. I had a quiet celebration...thanks for sweetie and frens. Check this shoe out! it's my one and only present (pathetic hor? can't expect much as u age gracefully la)...but it's not a shoe! It's a pencil case, given to a sweet little girl who has been remembering my bday every year i teach her! Perhaps it's coz I share the same bday as her bro! nevertheless, it was sweet! her mom even gave me a slice of cake!

This is the one and only card from my "best fren". Don't feel that close to her anymore coz the feeling isn't reciprocated. Don't even see her once a year. And what a way to say happy bday right? feels more sincere if it was a call, but noooooooooo, she has to sneekily send this card to me. Surprised that she actually knows my address!

THE FEAST! @ No Signboard Geylang! I was dying to have crabs and sweetie and frens decided to grant me my bday wish! The white pepper crab was as usual SUPERB! n we had crayfish cooked in butter and salted egg yolk! Very nice! I must find the recipe and experiment soon!

SAMBAL Mussels! Dua Tao. YUM

My birthday cake! All time favourite -- MUDDY MUDPIE @ Coffee Club!

The lovely gals who welcome me to the club....there would have been more ppl around if it's not coz it's Lawrence's Stag night. celebrating his last few days of bachelorhood is of coz more impt than me aging la!

Another not-so-welcomed bday gift -- A FREAKING SUMMON from those ninjas! It was pouring cats and dogs and it's not as if I did not place a coupon!!! I couldnt leave the place as there was lightning amidst the torrential rain! What do they want? Risk my life?!