Gastritis -- It's a silent attacker

Monday, March 2, 2009

Seriously don't know what the hell is wrong with blogger these days. Frustrating the hell out of me. I did what I'd usually do ie. centre align the photos and put a caption below usually turn out right, but these days, everything seems wrong! The layout would be messed up and at the end of the day, the captions were all garbled up at the bottom of the photos -- which makes no sense! I had to stare and dabble with the html codes, only to be dismayed by my own capabilities on such technicalities. I tried! I really did and I thought all grounds were covered. Would someone so kindly tell me what's wrong? Why issit that when I centre align my pictures these days, it's still side aligned? Do I really have to keep checking on my html to ensure the captions are below the pictures? coz when i'm in the "compose" mode, everything seems perfect!

Wish I'm some IT guru of somesort...such stuff frustrates me to the max. Computer's not coorporating...pop-ups are popping out everytime I'm with blogger..but my pop-up blocker is ON! Ridiculous! n, both IE and morzilla's slow in loading. First I thought it's coz of heavy traffic, but I doubt it, coz the pc makes weird noises, indicating it's overloaded. dardar says it's memory overload. I've defraged this pc of shit, hopefully things become better.

Things don't seem to go right when u want them to. My diarrhoea subsided a little....can't see the stools. it's still pretty much water. I wonder if i'm peeing or shitting! THe water comes out BLACK! I kid u not. this is due to the black "Charcoal" the doc has prescribed. I visited the loo so very often that now the bottom of my WC is black! I'm not exaggerating!! To make matters worse, my gastric didn't seem to get any better. Took my meds religiously but still felt extremely nauseous. No appetite for food yet I want to eat! Felt giddy and stuffy everywhere I went (unless it's air conditioned...strangely). In fact, the moment I'm out of the car, I want to puke...n if i'm at a house which is poorly ventilated (for some strange reasons, ppl don't like to switch on the fan!), i'll fell terrible. Fortunately (or not), one lesson was cut short today and the last student was able to accede to my request to shift her lesson to an earlier slot. So sorry to interrupt your din, but hey, we've all got a life. So right after that last lesson, I zoomed home. wasn't too early though ie. 830pm. Lazed around, in front of my TV and tried to relax the mind. Things was improving until mama called me. Upon hearing that her dearest daughter is down with food poisoning, she immediately PRAY. yes. over the phone. then she hung up, n called after 5 mins. she did this for like 3 times! Totally irritated. on the last account, she told me to pray b4 I eat as that would bless the food I ate. Well, it's not that I have objections to that, but I believe that everyone has their own followings and beliefs, so don't preach!

Nevertheless, I'm so gonna pray for my gastritis. If any of you are reading, please do take serious care of yourself and don't binge/ go on crunch diets. My gastric must have screwed up when I was studying and working. Irregular meals and sometimes no meals at all totally killed my stomach lining. I'm trying to nurse it back to health now by cutting down on the booze and eating regular meals (I Try) least I'd try to eat when I'm hungry and make sure there's always biscuits in my car.

Some Science bites :

What is gastritis?
Gastritis is an inflammation of the
stomach lining. While the lining of the stomach is quite strong and can
withstand strong acid, drinking too much alcohol, eating spicy foods, or smoking
can cause the lining to become inflamed and irritated.
What causes
of gastritis?
Gastritis may be caused by the following:

drinking too much alcohol
eating spicy foods
use of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
infection with bacteria
such as E. coli, Salmonella, or Helicobacter pylori
major surgery
traumatic injury or burns
severe infection
certain diseases, such as
megaloblastic (pernicious) anemia, autoimmune disorders, and chronic bile reflux
What are the symptoms of gastritis?
The following are
the most common symptoms of gastritis. However, each individual may experience
symptoms differently. Symptoms may include:
stomach upset or pain
abdominal bleeding
feeling of
fullness or burning in the stomach
blood in vomit or stool (a sign that the
stomach lining may be bleeding)
Treatment for gastritis:
Specific treatment for gastritis will be determined by your
physician based on:
your age, overall health, and medical history
of the condition
your tolerance of specific medicines, procedures, or
expectations for the course of the condition
your opinion or
Generally, treatment for gastritis involves antacids and other
medications aimed at reducing stomach acid, relieving symptoms, and promoting
the healing of the stomach lining, as acid irritates the inflamed tissue. If the
gastritis is related to an illness or infection, that problem will be treated as
Patients are also advised to avoid foods, beverages, or medications
that cause symptoms or irritate the lining of the stomach. If the gastritis is
related to smoking, quitting is recommended

Check this out too:

OH NO! I think my linings are so screwed!

I've always thought gastritis is pain in the abdomen, but I'm sooooo wrong! Now i can only hope and pray that my linings will heal.