Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I realised I've loads of random photos taken which haven't been uploaded! What a procrastinator I am! Can't help it when u've got tons of responsibility at hand. I'm an educator, a daughter, a wife and a maid!haha...fortunately sweetie does a great deal of chores. and since I enjoy cooking, I shouldn't complain about the mess I always have to clear. It's been a terribly sore day. Sore not becoz of shitty stuff, Sore coz of my abs, arms and shoulders! I need a massage terribly!!!!! Nevertheless, it feels good to know that my muscles were worked during yesterday's pilates session! Yeepee!

ok, random photos time...This was taken one night when sweetie brought me to Marina Barrage...pardon the quality of the pix , was using my phone to snap (CAN"T WAIT TO CHANGE PHONE!!)

Random photos Set 2: This was a late night dinner at Waraku @ East Coast. Sweetie was craving for Ramen and I was in so much pain (crampz) that I simply wanted something hot...so off we went for some pipping hot stuff! YUM! PS: That creamy white bowl u see shortly is actually cream base squid udon...soup base! Interesting but it gets a little too much after a while....

Did I mention that I've been working like a dog these few days? Sweetie has been having lots of lat night meetings thus I've been doing loads of homecooked lunch for him. below are some pics:
1) Yummy Scallop and shredded chicken porridge
2) Cheese Mushroom omlette
3) Spinach with wolfberry seeds
4) Stew Chicken in self-concocted sauce (added all sorts of rubbish ranging from Abalone Sauce, soya sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine and one secret recipe. told you it's secret, so how can I tell you? hehe) Sweetie liked this! the gravy went well with rice.
5) Nian Gao with sweet potato.... This hard work! Had to cut the nian gao which mommy gave during CNY (don't worry, it can be stored for a long period)...the nian gao was super hard though.....strangely, it's hard on the outside but soft inside. Anyway, had to dip it into a self-made batter and deep-fry.....devloping a slight phobia over deep frying....it's so hot sometimes I feel my face and chest burning!