Xmas with spore mom bloggers 2015

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

This year has gone past exceptionally quick. No, seriously. With 2 kids and so many moves, I really don't have time to be jolly. This year's Christmas mood at home is exceptionally sad too. Why? Coz there's no Christmas tree! We have now shifted in to my MIL's new 4-room flat and for those of you who know, the new flats are pretty small. That plus 7 people squeezed in it. It's really no joke. Hence, the idea of a tree has got to go. Plus, Christmas is just another day for my in-laws. So when May invited us for #xmaswithsporemombloggers, we were literally jumping for joy! It's after all the first Xmas party which we were attending and hmmm let's see, possibly the Only Xmas party we will be attending? Sad much? Not that we are an unpopular family, but strangely this year, things have been rather quiet. Families with kids aren't keen in hosting. I can totally understand why and singles are out partying somewhere in the world. So yeah, perhaps the only other party which we might be having is with da family. 

When we arrived at her place, we were greeted by beautifully decorated place. We are all limited in time, energy and resources so I honestly do not know how this mommy does it! She seems to be creating magic all the time. With the swing of her wand, she transforms her place into winter wonderland sans snow. Big K wasn't quite in the mood initially. The long ride had put her into a siesta and she was a grouchy monster upon arrival. However, which monster could resist the pretty array of cookies? As soon as she saw the dessert table, she was in seventh heaven. All 15 children gobbled down these goodies from The Icing Room. It was definitely a big hit with the kids. I managed to take a bite off K's cookie and found it a tad sweet. But, I guess, since it's so pretty, plus it is Christmas, we could all indulge a little. 

If you are invited to a Xmas party and are unsure of what to bring along, the log cakes and cookies from BreadTalk might be a good idea. This year, they've created three flavours: The Enchanted Snow Cheese, Santa's Choco OverLog and Hazelnut Heaven. The winner must definitely be the Hazelnut Heaven which I believe is flying off the shelves! It's not too sweet and has a really nice aftertaste. And you know what? You can get them in slices too at $6.10 per pop! Clever, considering that some individuals may go back for more. The entire log cake cost $54.80 which is reasonably priced. Their cakes are only available for pre-order at any of their outlets 3 days in advance but you could always walk in and try your luck. In addition, they are running the following promotion:
  • Purchase 2 Xmas sliced cakes for $9.80 (now till 25 Dec)
  • Receive a 15% BreadTalk Christmas cake voucher with minimum $6 purchase (14 Dec - 25 Dec). Not tough to hit isn't it?
  • UOB cardmembers get to enjoy 20% off any Christmas cakes and 6% SMAR$ rebate for the first 5000 transactions (from now till 25 Dec)

I really should go get myself a couple more cakes! I wish they could have it extended beyond 25 December!

C is for cookies. BreadTalk has rolled out two cookies this festive season: Choc & Salt as well as Butter Crisps. My choice: Choc & Salt. It's Choc & Salt! must I say more?

I've always been a sucker for crafts and anything pretty. For the last few parties I had, I DIYed several stuff. Silly me! Achievement aside, imagine the time and effort spent! We can now easily purchase them at an affordable price! May had her place tastefully decked with party deco from The Joy Troopers

Photo credits: http://mmlittlee.blogspot.sg

Look! There was even a Photo Booth set up!! Amazing or what?

A party booth without props would be an utter flop. These cute Xmas props were from Give Fun. Some interesting bites: We all know the meaning of 'give fun' in English, however, it has another meaning in Cantonese. Git Fan in Cantonese means to get married, 结婚. 

The party wouldn't be a success if the kids weren't entertained. Entertained they were, by Sherman of The Magic Empire. Big K has seen a couple of magic shows and by far, this one had gotten her talking none stop till today. Sherman certainly has a way with children. The children were really enthralled by his magically antics. Even Small K was dancing at the end of the session! Also, did you know,  he was the champion for the Magic Circle Close-up/ Parlour Competition and People's Magician Choice Award in 2007. 

Photo credits: http://mmlittlee.blogspot.sg
After the Magic show, it was time for some food. The people at Royal Catering had generously sponsored us hungry mommas and bubbas. The quality and portion was really up to mark. You know how it is with some catering where you might have to over cater coz their portions are just simply too pathetic? Well, you won't have such a problem with Royal Catering. We had their Santa's Party Set which works out to approximately $22 per pax. There were a total of 9 dishes so that's really value for money! I will definitely keep them in view for my next party especially since they are located near my place. I could save on the $30 delivery charges!

On with more fun. To keep the kids entertained, May had thoughtfully prepared Christmas Temporary  Tattoos from Little Playroom. Going at $3 per sheet of 3 tattoos, these Ducky Street Tattoos are crazily friendly on the wallet! Something which all party mommas would appreciate isn't it?
Big K loved it so much that she refused to take it off since last Friday. It has been 6 days now and she has been showing it off to all her friends and basically whenever anyone asks her about it, she would be beaming in pride as if she was wearing some kind of medallion. 

Photo credits: http://mmlittlee.blogspot.sg

The kids were also mesmerised by the collection of cars, slide and other toys. Big and Small K in particular loved this set of wheels. Who wouldn't?

Photo credits: http://mmlittlee.blogspot.sg

The princesses (and a prince) were also engaged in pretend play over in the playroom filled with cardboard creations. Yup, that crazy momma actually made those! You could read more here. I seriously think she feeds on batteries as her daily bites.

A Snowman Piñata! How apt! It was pouring when we conducted this activity at the patio but the rain didn't dampen their spirits. They were all hitting with all their might! Not easy for those little hands actually. 

Photo credits: http://mmlittlee.blogspot.sg

Photo credits: http://mmlittlee.blogspot.sg
Group shot with the bunch of amazing mummies. Top: ElizabethMabelSereneMay
Bottom: FlorindaDanessaEstella, JaniceNatasha

Here's wishing everyone a blessed Christmas!!!


  1. Thanks a million for coming and knowing that you three had a great time just puts a big smile to my face! Wow! I can't believe the tatt is on for 6 days! Hahaha did I pass you more tatts to bring home?

    1. Yes u did dear!I'm saving them for xmas day haha.. thanks agn for hosting us! We really had a great time!