Sunday, December 20, 2015

As 2015 is drawing to an end, I'm once again filled with heaps of apprehension and fears. Fear for the uncertainty that 2016 holds. I am directionless and kindof feeling melancholic these days. Seeing so many people building on their talents and turning it into something lucrative makes me feel "what am i doing with my life?" I'm a Jack of all trades. That's who i am. Which is why most of the things done are probably standards that's good enough for me and only me. I get heaps of praises but somehow i don't materialize them into something bigger. It sometimes makes me feel like I'm a failure.
As i lay in bed each year this time, I'll reflect upon what big thing have i achieved. Well, this year it has gotto be moving house twice in a span of 3 months! More to come. But honestly, that's not a major feat right? I don't know. I'm lost. But I've to remind myself that I've to take small steps everyday and celebrate the little things which i succeed in doing everyday!