Review on Studio Loft

Friday, July 25, 2014

Ever since I was pregnant with Big K, I had always wanted to do an infant shoot. Never had a chance coz the hub said it was a waste of money and that he could do the same job with a DSLR. So we borrowed a DSLR from a friend but hardly used it. Bleah. Instead, I did a maternity shot and dragged a very unwilling hubby along. The result: Marvellous. 

This time, I insisted. I jumped the gun before i told the hubs. Paid for everything and informed him. He just had to appear and lend a hand. Period. So naturally he had nothing to complain right? No. The shoot was supposedly to start at 10am and according to the photographers, it should take approximately 2 to 3hours. But wow wee, we ended at a whopping 230pm! By then, the nanny and all of us were hungry and the baby was throughout extremely fussy and cranky. No amount of latching could get him to be in deep sleep. And if he wasn't in deep sleep, photography wasn't possible as the poses were pretty challenging. Somehow, it's in the genes that my kids don't sleep that well. So ya, the hubs wasn't too pleased and said I was torturing my kid. Big K wasn't at her best that day as well. Totally uncoorperative, not wanting to do a family shot, instead, was roaming around. The father, instead of entertaining and keeping an eye on her, was on his phone, playing his silly games. Again.

Ops, have I digressed? The post is supposed to be on Studio Loft itself! Ok. So I liaised with them over email and throughout, the owner and one of the resident photographer, Maryann, was seemingly friendly. Or at least professional in her emails. Thus I signed up a package with them. Only then was I told that I had to top up $150 should i want the shoot to be done in my abode. hmm...I wasn't too keen on bringing the kiddo out at 2weeks old and I know for sure the old foggies at home would complain but well, to save a bit, plus over at the studio they'd have heaps of props, so I decided to risk it and bring the bub to the studio. 

So we arrived and was greeted with a very lukewarm welcome if any at all. They did not even acknowledge our presence or confirm my name. I was pretty lost as to what was to be done. Small K was naturally dressed his best, but was later told by Maryann in a matter-of-fact way that he shouldn't be wearing anything and that they would have corresponded that to me. I swear that was not told to me for it it was, i would be thinking they are MAD to want me to bring a naked baby to them. I mean, during the journey there, naturally the kid has got to be clothed right? Thereafter, there were heaps of fusses and Small K peed on me. Along the way, he pooped too and the photographer in charged seemed a tad impatient. Fortunately, another lady came along. A really nice and young girl who seems to have heaps of experience with infants. She was really patient and patted my boy who was really comfortable in her arms. But the moment he was placed down, the wailing began. I suggested that I latched him and try to put him down. I did and they went down for Lunch! Wow! how unprofessional right? Imagine, I'm way hungry and there you are, eating? The moment I managed to get Small K into position, i had to wave furiously for their attention coz the whole gang was having a feast down there. Along the way, as I was waiting, some of the staff (including the boss) were actually baking in my presence. Interesting i'd say but i can't say all that much about professionalism. 

Overall, the feeling I got from the team was insincere (except for the nice lady who kept carrying Small K and talking to him patiently) and aloof attitude, perhaps because they have more than enough business or that I'm not a big fish. Needless to say, when I left, the team did not even send me off with a proper goodbye. 

One thing i like however was their decor of the place. You gotto love their style. Wish my house were like this. The pictures also turned out really nice. but then again, most infant shoots these days are more or less similar. Oh well, once in a lifetime. Enjoy the photos:

Yup, this was the area right in front of the waiting area for guests, where Maryann was baking. Not sure what was the image they are portraying. Homely? I thought so, coming from a mother of two. But that certainly wasn't the feeling I was getting the moment i stepped into the place.